Dennis does the News

Dennis Nyback owns thousands of short 16mm films. Through June 21 at the Waypost (3120 N. Williams) Dennis will put on a nightly showing of films that reflect on articles in the New York Times and The Oregonian. Nightly shows are at 8 p.m. except on Monday, when the performance will be at 1 p.m.

Dennis will explain the connection of the news of the day with the filmed events of the past.

The question will be, can Dennis really choose and locate the several films each day from among the thousands he owns? For example here are a  few possible examples:

“Tennessee Inmate Executed” is the article. “Betty Boop for President” (1932) is the film. This cartoon is a satire on the political  process and offers an alternative to the electric chair for a condemned inmate.

“Curtis Harrington, Director of Horror Films, Dies at 80” is the article. “Who Slew Auntie Roo” is the film (just the trailor). Harrington directed the film. Dennis would explain a few things about Mr. Harrington and the producer Roger Corman.

“Elevated Levels of Chemical Found in Queens Drinking Water” is the article. The film would be “What You Need to Know about Biological Warfare.”

“Toyota Posts Another Record but Warns of Slowdown” is the article. Dennis would show several Toyota commercials from the early  seventies when the company was beginning its assault on the American auto industry.

Each performance will be approximately 90 minutes. They promise to be both entertaining and educational. They will also be provocative. If  audience members have news items to report, Dennis will attempt to show a corresponding film the next day.