The Crime Blotter – Fall 2010

By Ofc Peter Helzer NRT  & Angela Wagnon ONI

Hello, Eliot!  This is the first installation of what will hopefully become a regular feature of the Eliot News.  I was the Eliot Neighborhood Liaison Officer for a number of years before I was deployed with my National Guard unit to Iraq.  I am back, and have recently started with the Neighborhood Response Team.  I have taken over in this position for OFC Amanda McMillan who has moved on to a new assignment.  I look forward to working with everyone again.

Areas of Recent Concern:

– Transient Camp at N Wheeler Ave/N Wheeler Pl:  This camp was started in late August by Barry Joe Stull, a local homeless advocate.  After being warned that they were in violation of City Ordinance for Erecting Structures on a Public Right of Way, they abandoned the camp.  We coordinated with the Bureau of Transportation to assist with the cleanup of remaining materials.

– Portland Pensione at 109 NE San Rafael:  We are continuing to work with the owner, Alan Sanchez, to curtail the drug and prostitution related issues that have plagued the area for some time.

– Shootings at NE 7th Ave/NE Russell St:  The two recent shootings at this location are related to a resident whose children are linked to gang activity.  The Gang Enforcement Team is currently investigating these incidents as they appear to be related to other gang shootings in the precinct.

Recent Events:

– September 25th:  Graffiti Cleanup – This event will have taken place by the time this issue goes to print.

OFC Peter Helzer

Angela Wagnon

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