Project Grow Artist’s Corner

By Eleanor Bailey

We are Project Grow. We offer good services for people with and without disabilities. This whole area is inclusion and everyone is allowed to come in here. It is also an employment job for people with and without disabilities, it gives you something to do and make money. You can come here and have good things to do, stay busy, go to dances. We have a community garden; it makes the world a better place, we are planting things. Mondays and Wednesday are homemade art day. We also do a haunted house and it is amazing. We like to go to coffee in the neighborhood and last Monday went to Powell’s.

I think that at the beginning of the year (2011) we went to city hall to talk to the commissioners to try to get them to not close project Grow. We let them know how important this is to us and to keep this open for all people with disabilities to have work to do and have more to do in their lives. This is a great place and it needs to be here. We need to do more advocating to get more people to come visit here. Some people ask us questions about what we do here at Project Grow. People need to know what employment means for people with disabilities… No one belongs in a sheltered workshop, it is not a job! People with disabilities have feelings and need real jobs, we need to have a place in the community where we are respected and treated like adults. We are not children anymore and want to be treated with respect. People need to have jobs in the community and get along in life with everyone else.

People like free stuff. Maybe we can give people coffee if they come and visit us, we will make it for you. We also have eggs for sale from our chickens here. Once a month we have a dance here. It is fun and you should come by. We also have Friday morning meetings where we talk about things that we want to do and what people are interested in doing. Its your turn to speak up…

Eleanor Bailey - Artist