The Future of North Williams Avenue

Over the past 14 months, a large group of citizens have spent 20-60 hours each planning and discussing the future of North Williams Avenue. This is a major thoroughfare through Eliot and inner North and Northeast Portland for people riding the bus, walking, bicycling and driving in motor vehicles. The street has historically been home to a dense urban neighborhood and is becoming that once again. In the interim, urban renewal projects and highway construction projects have demolished buildings on the street, displacing many residences and community businesses. Members of the community have spent significant time and energy rethinking the neighborhood with several key goals: encouraging a full-service grocery store, more employment centers for neighborhood residents and dense residential development to replace lost housing. In the coming period of housing and commercial development along N. Williams Avenue we are seeing many of these goals achieved.

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NE Quadrant Update

Lori Simpson and I have represented Eliot in a joint State/City effort to plan the NE quadrant of the as part of the larger Central City Plan.  The Central City includes all of downtown as well as the Southeast Industrial area and our quadrant that is the area from the river east to 15th, south of Broadway to I-84, including Lower Albina and part of Eliot west of Williams south of Russell.  The process is near its end after 15 months of meetings.  This link provides access to the formal proceedings, which are well worth reviewing:

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2nd Annual Boise-Eliot Music Festival

By Amanda Milholland

2011 Boise-Eliot Music Festival in the Port City Gallery

Music and community celebration is what the Second Annual Boise-Eliot Music Festival is all about.  May 11th and 12th Port City will host the Second Annual Boise-Eliot Music Festival in North Portland.  This community-building event is a fundraiser for Port City’s innovative employment and skills building programs, which empower adults with developmental disabilities and engage Boise and Eliot neighbors and Portland metro residents.

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What good is a neighborhood association?

In Portland, we have a unique way of governing our city. With a mayor and 4 city commissioners, elections and politics can be interesting, but there are some other quirks.  One is our Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI) and the neighborhood system. Eliot is a member of the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN), which receives ONI and other funding to voice concerns from northeast Portland.

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