General Membership Meeting Minutes 2012-04-09


Eliot Neighborhood Association Minutes

7:03—Welcome and Introductions

Minutes Read

 Allan Rudwick

Amanda Millholland moves to approve the minutes without changes and John Engleheart seconds.

Portland Public Schools

David Williams—-Government Relations Manager for PPS (basically PPS Lobbyist)

  • Budgets and Buildings is the major concern for the upcoming year.
  • Focusing on the achievement gap between races.
  • Families are moving back into the city
  • $27 million shortfall
  • Closing Harriet Tubman and Humboldt Schools
  • Meetings all week concerning these closures

Discussion of what we can do in Eliot

  • Call Legislative candidates to get your voice heard
  • Support the principal at Boise-Eliot because that is where many of the students will go

Good in the Hood

Cheryl Roberts and Shawn Penny

  • Moving to Lillis—Albina Park (N. Russell & Flint)
  • 20 year anniversary!
  • Invites ENA to come to the event and have a table
  • Looking for volunteers
  • Parade route normal but done backwards
  • Run/Walk along with the parade

Lee motions that ENA supports Good in the Hood and that we host a table.

All in favor none opposed

Sullivans Gulch Bike Trail

Brad Perkins

  • Secured $250,000 to be used for Sullivans Gulch Trail
  • Julie Woelfer suggests we table the discussion until next month, and that we ask LUTC to also give us an opinion before we endorse the trail.

Allan moves that we refer this issue to the LUTC but that it goes to them with our “semi blessing” after we get more information.

Amanda Millholland asks that they are given an image of what the trail will look like.

All in favor none opposed

Catlin Gabel

Lauren Spiegel and Jared Woods—Urban Studies Project

  • How I-5 affects the cities health
  • Eliot is directly attached to this issue
  • Please fill out the survey found on ENA website
  • They will be presenting their information to City Council

NECN Request

Katy Asher—-Neighborhood Cleanup Postcard

  • Katy is asking for help from the Neighborhood Associations to assist in supplementing the cost of sending out the postcard that has all of the info for all of the neighborhood cleanups.

Motion passes that we give NECN $300 for the mass mailing of the cleanup.

All in favor none opposed.


Committee Updates

Julie Woelfer—Neighborhood Cleanup on May 19th

  • Please email her if you can help out.

Angela Kremer updates ENA on discussion of placing an overpass over Hancock. The meeting will be held April 11th at 5:30 in the MOB

Amanda Millholland—-Boise Eliot Music Fest

  • She needs volunteers.

Allan Rudwick updates on N. Williams

  • Open house on May 11th to go over what is happening

9:10 Meeting Ajourned