MLK Gateway Completed

Gateway viewed from Grand as it meets MLK

The idea of a “gateway” on the triangle parcel where Grand Ave connects with MLK appears in the 1993 “Adopted Eliot Neighborhood Plan”.  In August of 2012 the site hosted a dedication ceremony for the park which commemorates the history of the region as well as the namesake for Martin Luther King Boulevard.  Finally, a primary entrance to Eliot Neighborhood and all of Northeast Portland has become what was envisioned long ago.

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard Gateway and Heritage Markers consists of 4 markers with 12 historical panels related to the history of Northeast Portland and a see-through wall separating traffic from park visitors.  The markers tell the story of topics such as “Oregon Civil Rights Movement”, “Community Centers” and “Street History” of MLK.  On the curved see-through wall is a message from Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Civil Rights historical panel

One thought on “MLK Gateway Completed

  1. and with limited pedestrian access… it’s like a plaza surrounded by warehouses and traffic. This plaza needs to be integrated into a livable pedestrian oriented community, otherwise it’s a big waste.


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