City Delays Projects, Sets Timelines

Dawson Park

Dawson Park Final Design

The Portland Parks Department has finally set a timeline for the Dawson Park renovations. After several years of process starting in 2010, the Portland Parks Department is ready to move forward. In September, Dawson Park will be completely closed. The park will go through extensive renovations that will include removing and replacing several paths through the park, replacing a number of game tables, and removing eight (8) trees while pruning several others.

The children’s play area will be vastly enhanced and due to a $200,000 donation by Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, a water feature will be added to the park. ADA accessibility will be improved, bike parking will be added, and the park should be in tip-top shape after this $2.1 million renovation is complete in late spring/early summer 2014. I am quite excited for the prospects.

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North Williams Avenue Traffic Safety and Operations Project

After long delay on a project that started in the fall of 2010, the Portland Bureau of Transportation will be working towards re-configuring the traffic lanes on North Williams Avenue in early 2014. A long list of improvements were proposed by a stakeholder advisory committee of 26 people, including new traffic lights on North Cook street at North Williams and at North Vancouver avenues.

The city has gathered funds from a $1.3 million State of Oregon grant, and is also proposing a local improvement district (LID) to collect money from local businesses. In addition, the City will be installing a buffered bicycle lane on the left side of North Williams Avenue. The road will be narrowed from two lanes to one in two sections: from Broadway to Fargo Streets, and from Shaver to Killingsworth Streets. These changes in combination with some additional marked crosswalks should make crossing the street a breeze. Look for these changes to come in Spring 2014.

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