Board Meeting Minutes 2013-06-10


Meeting starts at 7:05


Officer Talk

Lee Pearlman mentions that the Martin Luther King Jr. Gateway Marker is attracting a lot of homeless folks—almost becoming a camp.

Minutes Read—Kristin Yates

Dawson Park Update—Patti Miles and Carol Herztberg


  • ·         Not enough funding until 2011 so the master plan was reworked with updating
  • ·         100 surveys collected with feedback
  • ·         Under-utilized park (lack of amenities)
  • ·         Safety concerns


  • ·         New grass in the center
  • ·         More paths going into the park
  • ·         Water feature
  • ·         New benches
  • ·         More trash receptacles
  • ·         BBQS
  • ·         Better Lighting
  • ·         Art work and sculpture by local artists
  • ·         Gazebo will be handicap accessible

September –May is construction time when the park will be completely shut down

Letter for Charlie Hales regarding repeal request of metered parking in Washington Park

  • Nancy Zimmermann drafted it for the ENA
  • ENA approves the letter with emphasis on giving all parties involved fair time for voicing their concerns
  • Intersection Mural at Tillamook and Rodney
  • Willamette Week came.  There is a time lapse video on their website
  • Good job Nancy!

Questions for the Beautification Committee

  • ·         Monthly updates on what is planned and how much it will cost
  • ·         Put an article in the paper asking neighbors how they think the money should be   used

No July meeting

Don’t forget about concerts and movie in the park

August Social with ice cream

Put an article in the paper about needing a new chair

Angela will run September and October meetings

Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm