Board Meeting Minutes 2013-09-09


7:05 Angela opens with a question.

What is the best thing we have seen happen in Eliot this summer?

Minutes Read and Approved

No Police Officer Present.

  • Angela mentions there were some break-ins on Morris
  • An uptick in bicycle violence around Portland one occurring within Eliot
  • Pamela Weatherspoon mentions that Legacy Emanuel Security can also be source of  watchfulness for the neighborhood

Healthy Kids Street Fair–September 21st 10am-2pm at Legacy Emanuel

Community Cycling Center and Cider Block Party—September 28th

Street Car Update—Kay Danner (

  • You can now get your ticket with a phone app
  • October 12th 6-10pm Music on the Central Loop
  • All cars in service by the end of the year
  • Please notice that due to construction there will be many rd. closures or a shuttle being used instead of the street car.
  • Trying to meet budget shortfalls = an increased fare structure
  • Annual Pass will now be $250
  • Fare increase will especially affect those who rarely use TriMet services
  • Eliot is concerned that the fare increase will adversely affect vulnerable families who need
  • Send her an email with your thoughts

John Berkey–Oregon Education Association

  • He wants neighborhood association support for the teachers union.
  • He spoke about the desires of teachers were for smaller classrooms, better healthcare and equity across the school districts in order to support low income students and neighbors

NECN Committee Update with Joan

  • New Executive Director—Shoshana Cohen–Welcome!
  • Economic Development class coming up

Beautification Committee Walk with Angela

  • Six people attended
  • Talk of adding trash receptacles
  • Neighborhood street sign caps
  • How can Nike partner with Legacy to create a track or outdoor workout gym for the neighborhood?
  • Appreciation to Pamela for how Legacy has stepped up taking major leadership within the neighborhood.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm