Meeting – Impacts of Williams Project

On Tuesday August 19th at 6 pm there will be a community meeting to discuss the impacts of the N Williams Traffic Safety Project and options to address them .

The focus will be the impacts on Cook and Rodney. This meeting was requested by affected neighbors after an offer from the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT).  The Land Use and Transportation Committee is the host.

Impacts of the N Williams Traffic Safety Project
Room 1027, Emanual Hospital
8/19 6 pm – 8 pm

One thought on “Meeting – Impacts of Williams Project

  1. I hope I am one of many voices contacting Eliot NA in support of making further improvements to Rodney as a true Neighborhood Greenway. The temporary traffic diverter at Rodney/Ivy has (at least in my anecdotal experience of riding through it four times this week) has indeed helped reduce overall automobile volumes on this stretch of Rodney and is presumably serving well to keep traffic turning at Fremont and Williams and MLK from cutting through at Rodney/Ivy.

    I believe that preserving this diverter as a permanent feature on Rodney as well as considering other diverter locations at some of the Neighborhood and District Collector street crossings would help improve Rodney as a welcome complement to the Williams project.

    I am not an Eliot resident but am one of thousands who bike through every day. I believe that many, many residents, workers, visitors, and commuters would similarly support Eliot NA speaking in favor of additional traffic calming and active transportation improvements on Rodney and throughout the neighborhood. Thanks.


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