Comp Plan Schedule Update

Update Timeline

Update Timeline

The next milestone for the Comp Plan is July 21st. This is the day the next draft of the Plan and the interactive “map app” will be posted by Planning staff. The “map app” allows users to browse a Portland map with proposed zone and other changes to review and comment. The draft Plan will, I assume, expand on the text from the previous draft, which had whole sections yet to be written. Public outreach will follow posting of the plan including “open houses” and “notices of proposed zone change” to property owners. Assuming the next draft includes the Eliot Land Use Committee’s proposed zone changes, most property owners in Eliot will receive such a notice.

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10 Ways to Save Water this Summer

By Lindsey Berman

Water LossLandscapes add value, beauty and livability to our homes. With water use often doubling in the dry summer months due to outdoor watering, lawns and gardens also offer great potential to save time, money and water by making simple waterwise improvements.

In the Portland area, we receive 90 percent of our rainfall October through May. That means we use the most water during the very same months that we get the least rain. Being efficient with your water use makes sound economic and environmental sense, and helps our region meet its long-term water supply needs.

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Join volunteers to inventory street trees

By Jeff Ramsey 

TreeInventoryTree by Tree, Block by Block: Join volunteers to inventory every street tree in Boise and Eliot.

This summer, dozens of tree lovers will explore the Boise and Eliot neighborhoods on a mission to identify, map, measure, and assess the condition of every street tree. This inventory is the first and most comprehensive street tree inventory ever performed in our neighborhoods. The project is being organized by Boise and Eliot Tree Team, a group of neighbors committed to improving their urban forest. A partnership with Portland Parks & Recreation, the inventory is the first step in expanding, diversifying, and protecting trees in the Boise and Eliot neighborhoods.

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Superheroes at Randall Children’s Hospital

By Maegan Vidal

Randalls Heros

Superheroes looking into the windows at Randall Children’s Hospital

Children, families and staff at Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel were visited by six amazing superheroes from Millennium Building Services(MBS) to celebrate Superhero Day on Monday, May 19, 2014. Superheroes descended nine stories of glass at Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel, cleaning windows all the way down. Batman, Robin, Spider-Man, Superman and The Flash brought fun and adventure to kids, families and hospital staff.

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Land Use Summer Update

There isn’t much to report on but things that are pending may fill the entire fall issue of Eliot News! The “big” issues are the pending Williams and Rodney bike projects and the next version of the Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) proposal. Also, there are two developments proposed, one at Williams and Fargo and another at 7th and Brazee.

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Dawson Park Summer Events 2014

Concert 2013

2013 Dawson Park Concert

Summer is here and that means another great season of entertainment at Dawson Park! As you may have noticed, the park has been undergoing an extensive remodel over the last year and the concerts will serve as a great way to celebrate the new and improved park. The 2nd concert will begin early with a Park Dedication Ceremony. This year, our committee raised enough money to host 4 concerts and one movie night! These events are Free To The Public and are a great way to spend an evening out in the neighborhood. Concerts start at 6:30pm. During movie night, live performances by local musicians and free popcorn begin at 6:30pm and the movie starts at dusk. Here is our fantastic lineup: Continue reading

Keep the Neighborhood Clean


Keep the Neighborhood Clean!

In April, Eliot Neighborhood held the annual “Spring Cleanup”. It’s an event where residents bring junk and other trash-worthy stuff to a central location and drop it off for a small fee. The idea is to make it easier for residents to clean up around their house and property. It is effective at helping people keep their part of the neighborhood clean, but it doesn’t really clean up the neighborhood. You can help by making cleanup a part of your daily routine. Continue reading