October 10, 2022 LUTC Meeting Agenda

Meeting will be online via google meet

initial elevations for 325 W/ NE Graham

Draft Agenda

  • 7pm: Welcome and Introductions
  • Discuss any additions to the agenda
  • Discuss Development at 325 W/ NE Graham
    • lot just west of the Blue building on the west side of MLK and Graham. 29 units of apartments proposed

Google Meet voice option

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Residents near NE 7th and Tillamook gather signatures, ask for traffic reduction and calming

In addition to the letter that the Eliot Neighborhood wrote (and Irvington Community Association Endorsed), I woke up to this in my inbox:

Dear Representative Earl Blumenauer, Mayor Ted Wheeler, Commissioner Joann Hardesty, Commissioner Mingus Mapps, PBOT Director Warner, Mr. Sziegethy, Ms. Peirce, Mr. Falbo, and other PBOT Capital Projects decision makers:

Enclosed please find a letter signed by more than 30 local residents from the intersection of NE 7th Avenue and NE Tillamook Street.  We respectfully request that the City of Portland begin the process now to address the root cause of the dangerous conditions that the Portland Bureau of Transportation has allowed to develop over many decades in our residential neighborhood from excessive traffic volumes and reckless traffic speeds on Lower 7th Avenue.

Also enclosed is a petition signed by nearly 50 pedestrians and cyclists who happened to pass through this intersection during a few short hours on Sunday afternoon.  Our neighbor who volunteered his time to undertake this petition effort yesterday received overwhelming support from every person on foot or bicycle who had the time to stop and speak.  We believe this provides you with a sampling of the level of support you will see for real efforts to make this stretch of Lower 7th Avenue safer for the entire community.

Finally, we would like to bring to your attention the letter published yesterday by the Eliot Neighborhood Association and recent coverage of this issue by KGW and BikePortland.


Rose Francis

Concerned mom from Tillamook and 7th

Diversion Needed on NE 7th Avenue to reduce traffic volumes for increased safety

The Eliot Neighborhood Association has written a letter to City and PBOT leaders asking for them to maintain a diverter on NE 7th blocking vehicle travel indefinitely. You can sign on to the letter here.

Residents around the intersection wrote their own letter which you can see here.

See the letter below:

Here is the text of the letter if that is easier to read:

September 18, 2022

United States Representative Earl Blumenauer

Mayor Ted Wheeler

Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty

Director Chris Warner, Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT)

Nick Falbo, Nicole Peirce, Roger Geller, PBOT Staff

RE: Diversion Needed on NE 7th Avenue to reduce traffic volumes for increased safety

Representative, Mayor, Commissioner, Director, and City Employees,

We are writing to you on behalf of the Eliot Neighborhood Association (ENA), which has received numerous complaints from neighbors about the dangerous conditions of NE 7th Avenue, between NE Broadway and NE Fremont. The ENA has written to you in 2018, 2015 and earlier particularly concerned about the continued deterioration of the road from a traffic standpoint. NE 7th has way too many cars for a local street: 6,000 per day by the PBOT’s estimation. It is difficult to walk, bicycle and even at times drive on the street due to the pre-construction level of car traffic. Additionally it is difficult to cross 7th at most intersections when not in a car. NE 7th has been a high-volume cut-through route for years and we were previously excited for the Lloyd to Woodlawn project to put this traffic back where it belongs: on NE Martin Luther King Jr, Blvd (MLK).

We would like to reiterate the need for traffic DIVERSION on NE 7th due to the extremely high volume of traffic that it receives despite being classified as a local street. Now that the Blumenauer Bridge has been built, we are excited that the city is prioritizing bicycle improvements on NE 7th. Our concern is that the current design does not reflect the city’s policies to make NE 7th a truly local street with minimal cut-through traffic. The City is proposing a design that will work with the existing traffic volumes instead of trying to change the traffic volumes to meet the City’s published policy goals as we have repeatedly asked. While we like the additional speed bumps and horizontal deflection that were proposed on Thursday, September 15th after the public meeting on the street on Wednesday, September 14th, we believe that traffic volumes need to be reduced as part of the project, concurrently with this project or at a minimum before NE 7th is reopened.  At the Wednesday night meeting, PBOT said that it had no current plans to reduce traffic volumes, but agreed to reopen the dialogue. Our request is that PBOT only reopen NE 7th Avenue to vehicle traffic after traffic diverters blocking North-South through traffic are on the ground.

Prior to the construction fencing, NE 7th Avenue was a well-used de facto bike route despite the high volume of cars on the road. In the pre-construction-fencing configuration, many non-local drivers utilize the street as a way to avoid Martin Luther King Boulevard. These also tend to be the most motivated, hurried, and aggressive drivers who have already decided they are unwilling to tolerate being slowed by the traffic on MLK. 

Some of these drivers drive very dangerously including: 

  • ignoring the speed limit,
  • driving too fast around the intersection planters (sometimes crashing spectacularly), 
  • driving too close to cyclists, 
  • yelling at cyclists and pedestrians, 
  • failing to stop for pedestrians crossing the street, 
  • and running stop signs. 

In addition to acting as a major bikeway, NE 7th Avenue is a crossing point for elementary-school children headed east-bound to Irvington School and middle schoolers headed west-bound to Tubman Middle School. Because of an interruption of sight-lines due to street trees and numerous off-set or 3-legged intersections, car drivers make it especially dangerous to walk and bicycle across NE 7th. NE 7th also serves as a gateway for several local preschools to reach Irving Park on walking visits.

Before installation of the construction fencing, dangerous conditions on NE 7th were obvious to PBOT, residents and other road users. We believe that it is paramount that PBOT take steps to ensure that NE 7th becomes a safe neighborhood street. After over 50 years of incremental changes, NE 7th is a street that well exceeds the traffic volume goals for local streets of 1000 cars per day. The construction fencing has brought NE 7th much closer to meeting the City’s goals for the street and we would like to make sure we do not revert to the old condition. Redirecting non-local vehicle trips to use other routes, primarily MLK, provides safety improvements for vulnerable road users within and beyond the local neighborhood. Neighbors and PBOT know this would not be happening without DIVERSION, so we are asking for a jump-start to this planning so that some diversion of cars from NE 7th will be kept at the end of the construction project.

The construction fencing that has been installed for over a week now is a great demonstration of the benefits of reduced traffic on NE 7th. Residents are able to talk to each other more easily, people can cross the street without fear and the few cars that are left are traveling quite slowly as their trips are more local in nature. There is more bicycle traffic on NE 7th than ever before, and it helps people get to the new Blumenauer bridge 13 blocks away. The current conditions are making it hard to access some houses and businesses, but drivers have already adapted to the change in roadway access and many cars are avoiding NE 7th, exactly the goal of our request.  

We have been and continue to be very supportive of adding many proposed diverters along 7th along the Eliot and Irvington Neighborhood border. Since the last plan for NE 7th was deemed too controversial, we are proposing to keep the street closed to vehicles until at least one diverter is installed.  Split diverters for North- and South-bound vehicle traffic near the project area at NE 7th and Tillamook would also be acceptable. Since we understand that there are some public outreach rules that take time to comply with and that the road is scheduled to be closed for at least 6–8 weeks during construction, we ask that you start this process immediately and/or delay the removal of construction barriers so that when the road is reopened to vehicle traffic, a diverter (pilot or permanent) is in place.

Thank you for your attention to these matters and helping make our neighborhood safer and more comfortable for children and easier for everyone to cross and travel along our streets. I look forward to hearing from you shortly regarding a diverter proposal.


Allan Rudwick

Co-Chair and Land Use Chair, Eliot Neighborhood Association 


Organizational Signatories

The Irvington Community Association (ICA), which borders 7th Ave., and has long been concerned about the safety of 7th Ave., particularly in regard to vulnerable users such as cyclists and pedestrians, particularly children, endorses and supports the above letter.  We also thank the Eliot Neighborhood Association for bringing this matter to our attention and we too look forward to working with PBOT to come up with a solution which will result in a much safer neighborhood street.


Steven Cole

President, Irvington Community Association


Individual Signatories:

Rose Francis

Laura and Eric Kading

2157 NE 7th Ave 


Paxton Rothwell

3911 NE Grand Ave

Sarah Milliron 

2124 NE 7th Ave 

Peggy and Jay Winchester 

2259 NE 7th ave.

Randy Haj

Mollie & Eric Hart

NE Tillamook Street

Ari and Michaell Steinberg-Lake

2023 NE 7th Ave


Jason Owen

2100 SE Belmont St #404

Jonathan Hinkle and Spencer Alan

NE Tillamook and Rodney

<we are continuing to collect signatures and will send another version in approximately a week with additional signatures>

Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Agenda Monday September 19 2022 at 7:00pm

Co-Chairs: Jimmy Wilson and Allan Rudwick

We are having a hybrid meeting at Cascadia Garlington Center (Masks required, Enter from the parking lot side off of Morris street near MLK, Jr Blvd) and online. We will again be using WebEx this time- see instructions at the bottom.

Agenda (subject to changes):

  • Welcome and Introductions – 7:00pm-
  • Agenda Additions?
  • Treasurer’s Report (Jennifer)
  • Update on Job Fair #2
  • Update on VOA/District attorney’s office and the good neighbor agreement with VOA
  • Neighborhood Updates
    • Eliot News (deadline for content for the fall issue is the day of the meeting, Sept 19th)
    • LUTC
    • Treasurer
    • others
  • Public Comment (5 min)
  • Approve Minutes from August
  • Adjourn

please consider joining by phone if you have connection issues

Join from the meeting link

Join by meeting number

Meeting number (access code): 2488 322 0764

Meeting password: Community 

Tap to join from a mobile device (attendees only) 
+1-206-207-1700,,24883220764## United States Toll (Seattle) 

Join by phone 
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2022-09-12 LUTC Meeting Agenda

Meeting will be online via google meet

Draft Agenda

  • 7pm: Welcome and Introductions
  • Discuss any additions to the agenda
  • Discuss Development at SE corner of N Vancouver Avenue and N Russell Street
    • location of Sloan’s
  • Letter Re: 7th and Tillamook – do we want to echo it with our own letter? (possible Motion)
  • LUTC officers and recruitment

Google Meet voice option

Dial: ‪(US) +1 413-438-2335‬ PIN: ‪285 484 290‬#
More phone numbers:

Albina Library Redesign to hold Public Comment meeting online September 8, 6:00 pm

As you may know, the most recent Library Bond included a redesign of the Albina Library at 216 NE Knott St (property extends to Russell St). The Albina Library redesign process has been going on for over a year and their next meeting is September 8th at 6:00pm Zoom meeting (link).

here is a rendering from the Russell St side. More information and renderings in the slide deck below

You can see the slides they presented last Monday at the ENA Board meeting below.

Second Career Fair being hosted at Dawson Park September 6 10am-12pm

On Tuesday, August 2, the Eliot Neighborhood association, the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church and Cascadia Behavioral Health held a resource and job fair in Dawson Park.  The event was supported by a grant from the City of Portland Office of Civic Life. Eleven employers including Amazon, Dave’s Killer Bread and Legacy were there in addition to resources such as WorkSource, Voc Rehab and Free Geek, who were distributing free laptops. Cascadia provided hygiene kits and the church distrusted food boxes as well as fresh grilled sausages. It was a very successful event, bringing the community together to meet the needs of the people in the neighborhood. We also held a raffle for 10 $25 Fred Meyer gift cards.

We will have another fair on Tuesday September 6 from 10-12.

the environment at the first job fair

Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 7/18/22

Submitted by Laura Schuchardt,   APPROVED at the August board meeting

Board present

  • Laura Schuchardt
  • Elliott Armstrong
  • Jimmy Wilson
  • Steffanie Lorentzen
  • Allan Rudwick
  • Jennifer Wilcox
  • Patricia Montgomery


Guests present

  • Cassie Muilenburg
  • Laura Fay
  • Julie Allen
  • Serena Li
  • Andrew Champion
  • Nate Jones
  • Jesse Rawlins (from Commissioner Jayapal’s office)


  • Welcome and Introductions – 7:02pm
  • Agenda Additions? Jesse Rawlins introduction
  • Safety Summit (Saturday, 8/6) food request – $850 to serve food for the day (Pat)
    • Motion: Pat
    • Seconded: Jennifer
    • Motion passed unanimously
  • Jesse Rawlins from Commissioner Jayapal’s office spoke about their investment in community safety efforts and desire to coordinate with ENA and the neighbors working on the Safety Summit regarding improvements we can make to the neighborhood (sort of a safety and livability collaborative)
    • No defined perspective, but rather trying to see how they can support our existing efforts
    • Jesse has been working with Cassie to understand the issues in Eliot
    • He’s happy to attend any and all ENA meetings, and arrange meetings with any interested individuals. His email address is
  • Agree on letter to Stop & Go regarding Safety Assessment
    • Motion: Jimmy
    • Seconded: Pat
    • Motion passed unanimously
  • Agree on letter to neighborhood landowners around Dawson Park/Stanton Street
    • To: Portland Parks, Arc-En-Ciel Montessori, Legacy Emanuel Hospital, Immaculate Heart Catholic Church, Stop & Go, Friends of the Children
    • Will amend to add Jesse’s information
    • Will be posted on the website
    • Will amend the letter to be published in the paper
    • Motion: Jennifer
    • Seconded: Elliott
    • Motion passed unanimously
  • Volunteers of America – discuss proposed changes to Good Neighbor Agreement and letter to the District Attorney
    • The changes would allow individuals with recent stranger to stranger convictions to live at this facility
    • At ENA’s last meeting, it was noted that the facility will be under capacity unless we approve the new criteria, and that’s inaccurate
    • Our neighborhood has grave safety concerns already. We need to ask the District Attorney for to delay decision by three to six months to engage with us regarding our concerns
      • Three specific asks:
        • MAP
        • Extend gun violence intervention to all areas of Eliot
        • Bring LEAD or PATH programs to Eliot
    • Motion to send letter: Patricia
    • Seconded: Jennifer
    • Motion passed unanimously
  • Get Eliot NA a post office box
    • We don’t have an official address for bills, etc
    • We can have mail go to NECN (Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods)
    • If we get a PO Box, someone would need to check it regularly
    • Request for a PO Box was withdrawn
  • Job fair planning is coming along. It’s planned for August 2nd from 10 to 12.
  • Finance update from Jennifer:
    • Our balance: $5,587.64
  • Neighborhood Updates
    • Eliot News (call for articles for next issue)
    • LUTC update – no meeting this month
  • Public Comment (5 min)
  • Cassie Muillenburg interested in joining the board
    • Motion: Pat
    • Seconded: Jennifer
  • Approve Minutes from June
    • Motion: Allan
    • Seconded: Jennifer
    • Motion passed unanimously
  • Adjourn

Eliot Parking Task Force Launching – Apply by September 21

The City of Portland is starting a task force to look at parking concerns in and around Eliot. You can find more details here. Below is a summary of some goals and a screenshot of their website.

They also want you to fill out a survey here about your experiences travelling and parking in Eliot

The Eliot NA board and land use committees have brought up several concerns like:

  • not burdening long-time residents with additional costs that are being brought by increased density
  • parking causing bike-car conflicts
  • varied parking demand across the demand means different solutions for different areas
  • not enough loading zones causing double-parking in places

Here’s the link to Apply to join the task force by September 21st. (I already did, it was easy)

Goals of parking management

The goal of parking management is to balance all the competing needs for on-street parking. Customers, commercial delivery drivers, and a growing population all need access to on-street parking.

Benefits of parking management include:

  • Better livability for residents
  • Better access to local businesses for customer and freight
  • Less congestion and carbon emissions
  • Better air quality and safety for everyone
  • Less illegal parking and fewer blocked driveways with regular enforcement
The City is launching a parking task force for Eliot. You could be a member.

MLK Dream Run: September 17 & 18

The Soul District Business Association announces the 11th Annual MLK Dream Run Weekend Celebration, featuring 5k, 10k and 15K professionally timed races through the streets of N/NE Portland Oregon.

See for more details.

How you can get involved:

Registering to Walk /Run as Individuals or Teams
Go to and press the Register button. The 5k= $35, The 10K is $45 and the 15K is $55. You also get $5 off per registration fee if you sign up as a team of 10 or more. Save on registration as prices go up in August.

Donate Financial Support
To donate, log onto and press the donate button located on the front page.

The event is seeking 200 Soul District volunteers to help with a variety of duties pre-race, day-of- race, and post-race. This is an awesome team building opportunity for any business group or family. To register to volunteer, go to and click the Volunteer tab at the top of the page and follow the prompts. You can also reach the volunteer coordinator, Christina Lane, @ or call 503-820-9115.

Please contact or call 503-841-5032

Register as a vendor
Promote your product and business by tabling at the Saturday and or Sunday festivities. To register as a vendor go to and click Vendor Registration or use this link here Vendor Form 2022

Follow the run on social media
Instagram @MLKDreamRun
Twitter MLK Dream Run PDX

Events in Eliot this week: Career Fair Tuesday Morning, Rodney Block Parties Saturday and Sunday Afternoon

Job Fair featuring these expected employers is happening in Eliot at Dawson Park 10-12am Tueaday: Volunteers of America, OHSU Dental Clinic, Randstad Staffing, John Deere, ServiceMaster, The Rebuilding Center, Cascadia Behavioral Health, Marquis Care Center, UR Billing Solutions, UPS, Express Employment and possibly others. More information

Job Fair featuring these expected employers is happening in Eliot at Dawson Park: Volunteers of America, OHSU Dental Clinic, Randstad Staffing, John Deere, ServiceMaster, The Rebuilding Center, Cascadia Behavioral Health, Marquis Care Center, UR Billing Solutions, UPS, Express Employment and possibly others

Block Parties in Eliot: Sat Aug 6th & Sun Aug 7th

Saturday Aug 6th: NE Rodney Ave and NE Knott St

Sunday Aug 7th: NE Rodney Ave and NE Ivy St

Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 6/27/22

Submitted by Laura Schuchardt,   APPROVED at the July board meeting

Board present

  • Laura Schuchardt
  • Elliott Armstrong
  • Jimmy Wilson
  • Steffanie Lorentzen
  • Allan Rudwick
  • Jennifer Wilcox
  • Shireen Hasan-McFarlane
  • Eric McFarlane
  • Patricia Montgomery

Others present

  • Andrew Champion
  • Cassie Muilenburg
  • Laura Fay
  • Keith Rice
  • Julie Allen


  • Welcome and Introductions – 7:02pm
  • Agenda Additions?
    • None
  • Volunteers of America – change to Good Neighbor Agreement and discussion 
    • VOA has a Men’s residential center on MLK and they’ve been in the neighborhood for a long time. Part of the agreement of them entering the neighborhood was that there would be a screening committee from ENA. That agreement has not been revisited in quite a while.
    • Hoping to amend the screening so that VOA could work with STEP and accept people under their criteria
    • Current criteria states that stranger to stranger crimes can only be a year or more in the past, which would be modified under STEP
    • The courts have a new program that’s been very successful at improving the reoffend rate, and part of that is getting into residential programs like VOA is offering. The people that this program is targeting have more recent violent incidents.
    • Proposed compromise: ENA will screen everyone who comes in through STEP for six months to get a sense of who’s coming in. Have a touch base every few months to see how things are going – enhanced screening period to ensure everything’s going smoothly.
    • Per Allan, the facility typically serves 200-250 people per year
      • 70% successfully graduate from the program, 30% fail
      • There’s a much greater incentive for the people who would be newly eligible to succeed, because they’re facing more jail time
    • Allan to set up an informational session with Greg Stone ( at VOA for all interested parties to learn more about the proposed changes
    • This matter will be revisited in ENA’s July meeting
  • Job Fair [Jennifer]
    • Shireen and Eric’s idea, too
    • Asking the board to be a sponsor – just goodwill, not money
      • The board approved
    • Cascadia (Jennifer’s employer) would be actively involved
    • Cassie mentioned we should see if VOA can get involved
    • Good to have training programs and apprenticeships represented
      • ex. Free Geek will be coming
    • Also good to have wraparound services present
      • Jennifer plans to have other resources present
    • Julie Allen is in HR and could put us in touch with her employer
  • Spending money to try to reduce violence
    • We haven’t won any of the grants we’ve applied for, but we have some money in our coffers; do we want to use it?
    • How can we use it to support causes in our neighborhood?
      • Allan thinks we should spend what we have
      • Jimmy is worried about spending what we have when there’s lots of money out there to be had
    • All are invited to bring ideas to the board
  • Discussion of in-person meetings vs online. Do we want to switch back?
    • Options are Cascadia (possible to have hybrid meetings) or the church (just in person)
    • The board agreed that they wanted to have a hybrid meeting at Cascadia
  • Neighborhood Updates
    • Eliot News (call for articles for next issue)
      • Recent issue just came out
    • LUTC update
      • Albina One update – proposing six story building, and are working to make it affordable housing (residential with community space)
  • Public Comment
    • Andrew is concerned that no one is going to address the public safety issues in Eliot
      • Not gun safety, not poverty
      • These are things that are controllable
      • Store should be held accountable
    • Pat asked if we sent the letter out to the store
      • No, Andrew’s letter was rejected by the ENA board
      • Elliott and Steffanie had a letter, but Andrew did not approve
    • Several board members thought we were going to send a letter to multiple businesses and organizations in the neighborhood inviting them to attend ENA meetings
      • This did not end up happening
    • Allan thinks we need to send a strong letter, include the police, neighboring organizations and businesses
    • Cassie knows someone at the Community Safety Program safety assessment (free professional advice from the city)
      • We could ask them for recommendations
      • It was suggested that ENA could help pay to implement their suggestions as a show of good faith
      • Cassie to email Allan
  • Approve Minutes from past meetings
    • January approved
    • March – amended to strike a detail deemed irrelevant to the Women’s First section
      • Shireen proposed, Allan seconded
    • April – amended to remove email addresses of community members and to remove a point regarding a topic that was dropped from the meeting
      • Passed as amended
    • May – amended to clarify parties responsible for suggesting the job fair
      • Passed as amended
  • Shireen brought back up the idea of buying a computer
    • This will be added to the next agenda
  • Adjourn