Board Meeting Minutes 2018-10-15

Eliot Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
October 15, 2018
6:48 – 8:40 pm
St. Philip Deacon Episcopal Church
NE 120 Knott St.

Meeting called to order 6:48pm

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BPI Family Fun Day and Concerts in the Park

Blaze the "Trail Cat" with face painted kids.
Kids having fun with Blaze and amazing face painting. Photo credit Sims Photography

Thank you for making our BPI Family Fun Day and Concerts in the Park a huge success!  The weather was amazing! The music was fantastic! We were surrounded by families and community, love and good times!

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New Nature Patch at Lillis-Albina Park

Colorful pollinators with watershed health messages flank the fence along N Flint Avenue showcasing the new nature patch in Lillis-Albina Park.

New neighbors are sprouting up in the Eliot neighborhood, although not of the human variety. These neighborhood additions are green. They attract butterflies, bees, and birds, and help keep our rivers clean.

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Parking Permit Update

Parking permit sign in NW Portland for zone M
Parking permit sign in NW Portland

As you may remember, parking is an issue for neighbors in Eliot, especially in the southern part of the neighborhood. Whether it’s commuters parking here and taking the MAX into town, or Blazer fans using the streets for free event parking, it is becoming harder for neighbors to be able to find parking.

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Portland Neighbors Addressing Diesel Pollution

The stretch of I5 interstate highway running through the Eliot Neighborhood was measured by ODOT using a rubber strip sensor to be among the busiest truck routes in Oregon. This is due to in-city short-haul trucks that pace back and forth through Eliot making Portland freight deliveries. Our research into ODOT and DMV data found 75% of these in-city short-haul trucks are unfiltered. Unfiltered trucks are illegal to manufacture and are banned from all of California because they produce ten times as much diesel particulate as a filtered truck.

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Fall Events at Dishman

Matt Dishman
Matt Dishman Community Center

If you’re looking for something to do this fall and want to meet some of your neighbors in the process, Matt Dishman Community Center (MDCC) is offering fall events and there is probably one that you would find entertaining. All events are free and, except where noted, are appropriate for all ages.

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Eliot Sewer and Stormwater Project Update

Waterline Relocation Work Schedule Update

The Water Bureau, in coordination with Environmental Services, has completed connecting recently relocated water lines in the project area. Additional work by the Water Bureau may occur in the project area if needed.  The Water Bureau will notify residents and business of any temporary disruption to water service.

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Women Making History Mural

Women Making History Mural
Women Making History Mural

A series of short posts about some of the beautiful murals in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

Drive or roll or walk down N Interstate Avenue going south towards the Broadway Bridge. Pass N Russell St. On the right side of the street, at 2335 N Clark Ave., you will spy a vibrant mural showcasing over twenty women and their contributions to communities in Portland.

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