This is a living document, last reviewed on November 7, 2022.

Arrive on time and prepared:

  • Materials are sent out ahead of time including slides of presenters
  • Read the materials and come with questions, prepared to discuss
  • Read the minutes of the previous meeting and send corrections to the recorder before the meeting

Treat each other with respect:

  • Speak kindly of others, no personal attacks
  • Avoid gossip or eavesdropping
  • Acknowledge each other when you enter the room
  • Mind your own mouth

Raise your hand to speak:

  • No cross talk
  • Don’t interrupt others

Stay on topic: 

  • Speak to the topic at hand
  • If other topics come up, they can be put in a “parking lot” and if there is time at the end of the meeting they can be discussed, or added to the next agenda
  • Pay attention to how much time you are talking, making sure everyone has equal opportunity