Eliot Neighborhood Safety Collaborative Meeting – May 24th 6pm

Dear Eliot Neighbors,

We would like to invite you to a Community Safety Discussion and Working Session on Tuesday, May 24, from 6pm to 7:30pm.

Some of you may have attended an in-person listening session on March 30, facilitated by Lisa Freeman of the Community Safety Division and Andre Miller of Jo Ann Hardesty’s office (see meeting notes attached). There was a lot of momentum and energy at that event that we would like to carry forward.

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Albina Soul Walk—Experience a Tour of the History of Musicians and Clubs Eliot  

From Albina Music Trust website

The late 20th century was a vibrant time for music in Albina. From the roots of gospel, blues, and jazz sprang new forms of soul, funk, disco, and electrified R&B.

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Transition Projects: From Homelessness to Housing

By Kiley Yuthas

Transition Projects exists to help those experiencing homelessness transition successfully into housing. Founded in 1969, we operate out of 14 Metro-area locations, enabling our team of over 350 employees to assist 10,000 people each year through programs designed to help people survive the streets, find housing, and retain their housing.

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Open Signal’s Director of Equity Wins National Award

By Daniela Serna

Open Signal’s Elisa Barrios has been selected as the recipient of the 2021 Emerging Leader Award from the Alliance for Community Media (ACM), the national organization for community media centers. One of four awards delivered each year by the ACM, the Emerging Leader Award recognizes a professional under 40 years of age, working in the field of community media, who embodies the values of building community through media on a consistent basis.

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Fall letter from the Co-Chairs

By Allan Rudwick and Jimmy Wilson

The Eliot Neighborhood Association board has been working via Zoom for two years due to the pandemic. The existing board has been serving for two years and has been working hard.

We signed on to a lawsuit against the Oregon Department of Transportation over a proposed highway widening in our neighborhood. We have also been working to improve air quality from the large number of diesel trucks that drive through our community. We continue to be a forum for a number of community livability concerns. We have stepped up to host the Dawson Park Concerts, and we could use your help.

The more energetic and engaged citizens that are part of the board, the more we can accomplish. Our meetings are open to the public, and commitment starts at two hours per month. Come check us out.

The rainy season returns! Adopt your neighborhood storm drain and help prevent street flooding

By Hannah Schafer

After an exceptionally dry summer, we’re celebrating the return of rain to Portland this weekend, and with it the return of the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s (PBOT) adopt a storm drain program.

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Randall Children’s Hospital opens new Family Birth Center

By Kristin Whitney

Generous community and employee donors raised close to $1 million to support the new Family Birth Center at Randall Children’s Hospital. Photo courtesy Kristin Whitney

On July 7, Legacy Health announced the opening of a new Family Birth Center at Randall Children’s Hospital, the most ambitious center of its kind in a generation and the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art birth center in Oregon. 

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Letter from the Editor: Publishing my last issue of the Eliot News

The time has come for me to step down as Editor of The Eliot News. I have enjoyed sharing the neighborhood’s news, introducing new businesses, and telling people’s stories. The people I have met, the history I have discovered, and everything I have learned about being involved in a neighborhood association has been so rewarding.

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Autumnal Greetings from Boise Eliot Native Grove

By Andrine de la Rocha and Howard Patterson

Grandson Dominic on the stump with Howard Patterson at the Grove. Photo courtesy Andrine de la Rocha

The summer heat brought some challenges to the Grove this year and many plants were defeated by the Heat Dome event. Our Oregon White Oak in the meadow gave up the ghost, but we were able to reserve another from Friends of Trees that we will plant sometime this fall. (The remains of the old oak are being transformed into a piece of art inspired by an epic dream in the hands of resident Healing Artist, Andrine de la Rocha.)

All of the remaining trees have survived so far and in their third year seem to be flourishing, despite the heat. Some of our less established shrubs did not fare as well and we will likely replace them during the wet season to give them a good head start on next year. 

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Cool Options Including Matt Dishman Pool to Refresh and Relax

Monique Gaskins

Portlanders experienced extreme temperatures this summer. During the last week of June, local temperatures hit 112 degrees, the highest temperature recorded. In mid- August, another heat wave rolled through the city pushing temperatures higher than usual. Along with the heat, this has also been a dry summer. As of this writing, the warm temperatures and sparse rainfall haven’t retreated yet.

However, the city has options to help keep Portlanders cool this summer. Eliot residents are primed to take advantage without having to leave the neighborhood. During designated heat warnings, all libraries have bottled water on hand to distribute. Albina Library is participating and scheduled to fully open on August 24th. Throughout the summer, the interactive fountain / splash pad is open at Dawson Park. For residents looking to exercise or play in a pool, Portland’s public pools, including Matt Dishman Pool, are open. 

Portland Parks & Recreation opened its eleven pools on June 22. The pools are dispersed around the city and include indoor and outdoor options. Eliot is home to one of the indoor pools at the Matt Dishman Center at 77 North Knott Street. The pools do not all share the same schedule. Availability of lap swim, aqua fitness, and play periods also vary by pool and by day, so be sure to check the schedule by calling ahead or looking online before planning a visit. The outdoor pools are scheduled to close for the summer at the end of August. Indoor pools should remain open.

At the time of writing, face coverings are required within city facilities to help curb the spread of Covid. The drop-in price for Adults age 18-59 is $4. For seniors and youth, the drop-in price is $3, and children 2 and under get in free. 20 visit punch passes and “Pay what you can” discounts are also available. Check https://www.portland.gov/parks/matt-dishman-indoor-pool for more details and current schedule or call 503-823-3166.

Dawson Park Concert Series Report

In March of this year, I called up the City of Portland to see what their plans were for the Dawson Park Concerts this year. They responded that due to COVID-19, they would not be running any of their normal events this year but would instead host a series of ‘pop-up’ concerts which they would not advertise the date and time until right before the events. In the Eliot Neighborhood, with multiple shootings in and around Dawson Park this summer, I did not think we should sit idly by and go a second year without concerts. I have been pleasantly surprised that other organizations are thinking the same way, as I have seen several other events in Dawson Park in addition to the Concert Series that the Eliot Neighborhood has been hosting.

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Historic Billy Webb Elks Lodge Devastated by Fire, Needs Help from Community

By Sue Stringer and Restore Oregon

Fire damage from Fire on September 11 at the Billy Webb Elks Lodge. Photo credit Restore Oregon

The following is a press release by Restore Oregon which includes the history of the Billy Webb Elks Lodge that sadly was the victim of a fire recently. The Eliot Neighborhood Association has donated funds to the Elks Lodge for restoration. We hope that others will join us in helping this organization restore the historic building that has meant so much to our neighborhood for so many generations.

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