Winter Activity – Bella Flora Studio

Bella Flora WindoA series of posts about winter activities to keep you busy until spring featuring exciting business and organizations located in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

There is a wonderful little shop that is really quite a magical place on NE 7th Ave.  At the border of our neighborhood, Bella Flora and owner Elaine Falbo let us escape the day’s stress and enter in to a wonderland of fairy furniture, vintage clothes and glassware as well as antique books, stuffed animals and dolls and an assortment of wreathes and baskets, dried rose bud headbands and crepe paper flowers handmade by Falbo.

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Winter Activity – Portland’s Culinary Workshop

A series of posts about winter activities to keep you busy until spring featuring exciting business and organizations located in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

Want to sharpen up your cooking skills, hone the skills you have or  learn to make international cuisine?  Well, right in our neighborhood at Portland’s Culinary Workshop you can take classes from the most basic knife techniques and the principles of baking to more advanced classes or classes for couples all in a relaxed environment with skilled professional chef instructors.  They also offer team building classes for your employees such as Pasta from Scratch or even private group classes.

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Winter Activity – Dishman

Matt Dishman
Matt Dishman Community Center

A series of posts about winter activities to keep you busy until spring featuring exciting business and organizations located in and around our amazing neighborhood.

When planning your winter activities or starting your new year’s resolutions, don’t forget about the one place where everyone in your family can be entertained, exercised and can also learn something new.

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Purringtons Cat Lounge

Purrington Cat Lounge
Purrington Cat Lounge

Just beyond our borders, you can indulge your cat cravings at Purringtons Cat Lounge, the first in the Northwest. When it opened  it’s doors in January 2015, I was thrilled to be number 10 in line for opening day free lounge visit. The lounge area has cat and human furniture where you can interact directly with the cats, who are provided by Cat Adoption Team of Sherwood. The idea is that socialized cats make better pets, and meeting your prospective pet in this environment will help prospective adopters experience what it’s like to own a cat. According to Stephanie Tormey, an employee of the cat cafe, they’ve adopted out about 200 cats since opening.

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Elemental Fitness Lab

Elemental Fitness LabSettling into their new location in Eliot, Elemental Fitness Lab (EFL) is unlike any other gym in Portland focusing on high quality fitness and nutritional systems.  Their goal is to have their clients leave the gym feeling better when they arrived and able to take on the week or an active weekend with confidence and safely and efficiently reach their fitness goals.

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Dawson Park Summer Events 2016

Dawson Park Concert
Dawson Park Concert 2015 – Remembering Janice and Linda

When the summer sun shines in Portland, it’s time to get outside.  What better way to spend an evening during our beautiful Portland summers than enjoying a live concert or watching a great movie in your neighborhood Dawson Park!  We are hosting 4 concerts and one movie this summer.  These events are Free To The Public and are a great way to spend an evening out in the neighborhood.  Concerts start at 6:30pm and the food vendors on site will be My Mamma’s Gumbo and Island Daydream Shaved Ice.  During movie night, live performances by local musicians and free popcorn begin at 6:30pm and the movie starts at dusk.

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Intersection Repaint Block Party

Freshly Painted Community Crossing
Freshly Painted Community Crossing

Celebrate as we bring the Eliot Community Crossing intersection crossing back to life! Join the fun as Eliot neighbors potluck and paint, block party style. This is a family friendly event with live music, free food & drink from local businesses, kid activities and more!

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Bread and Honey Cafe

Bread and HoneyAlthough Bread and Honey Café has only (officially) been open since March 12th, it has lived in the mind of owner and chef Dyani Walden since she first began working in kitchens 20 years ago. Dyani’s vision has been and continues to be the creation of a beautiful, friendly and open space where the community can come together and experience healthy and delicious food as well as excellent customer service. She, along with Trevor Rhoads the sous chef and co-owner, are striving to create a communal environment that will have a positive impact on the community and in turn hope to be impacted by the community.

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Summer Dance and Music Camps

Guitar KidsSummer Camps: What Superheroes, Princesses, and Rock Stars All Have in Common.

Stories have the power to CHANGE us. They make us laugh, make us cry, make us yearn for excitement and adventure… We love stories because we resonate with the characters: with their hopes, dreams, failures and struggles. Stories empower us. Stories inspire us. Stories give us permission to live life DIFFERENTLY.

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Portland Play House

Portland Playhouse
Portland Playhouse

On a residential street corner in the old Mount Sinai Baptist Church in the middle of the King neighborhood lies a hidden gem.  The Portland Playhouse theater is celebrating its eighth year but it hasn’t come with out challenges and subsequent victories.  However, through it all, the theater has remained an important fixture of the King neighborhood in Northeast Portland and has continued the discussion of diversity and the issues that surround gentrification.

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The Pocket Pub

The Pocket Pub
The Pocket Pub

It started as a conversation between friends and ended as the fulfillment of a dream  that the residents of Eliot and Irvington get to benefit from.

Kara Lammerman and Jennifer Cale  have been friends for over 15 years and have pooled their energy and enthusiasm to create the warm, inviting Pocket Pub that offers a reasonably priced menu and a creative list of cocktails in a great place to sit and catch up with old friends and also get to know new neighbors.

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Reverend Nat’s Cidery

Rev Nats EntranceReverend Nat West (yes, he really is a Reverend) started his Hard Cider journey from a  friend’s apple trees with lots of extra apples. What started with 5 gallons of hard cider in his garage has turned into using 200 million of apples per year to create over 20,000 gallon of cider in inventory in a warehouse turned cidery in the Eliot neighborhood.

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