Eliot Neighborhood Association
Land Use and Transportation Committee (LUTC)
Role and Procedures

Amended by the LUTC 6/21/2010
Amended by the Eliot Board 9/13/2010

Purpose: Neighborhood review is an integral part of Oregon and Portland Land Use, Zoning, Building and Transportation regulation and planning.  Reviews of land use, zoning and building plans by designated neighborhood representatives are required by the City of Portland.  The Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee (LUTC) was established by the Eliot Neighborhood for this purpose consistent with applicable City of Portland and State of Oregon neighborhood and land use rules and regulations.

Goal: To promote the orderly development of the Eliot neighborhood and to protect the existing neighborhood, residential and commercial, consistent with applicable policies adopted by the Eliot board and/or general membership.

Meetings: The LUTC shall meet at a regularly scheduled time and place convenient to neighborhood residents.  Meeting time and place may vary provided notice is given at least a week prior to the regularly scheduled Eliot Board meeting, or to the Board Chair if there is no regular Board meeting scheduled.  Official actions by the committee shall be based on a simple majority vote of members, providing a quorum is present.


  1. Membership is open to all persons that are members of the Eliot neighborhood according to the neighborhood association Bylaws.
  2. Voting members shall not exceed nine (9).
  3. Members of the LUTC may be nominated by any member of Eliot.  The LUTC shall review the nominations and make recommendations to the Board, and the Board may then appoint.
  4. Interest in and familiarity with City land use procedures shall be one basis for nomination to the LUTC.  Frequency of attendance at neighborhood committee meetings will also be a determinant in the confirmation and selection of committee members.
  5. Members missing more than three consecutive meetings or half the scheduled meetings in a 12-month period shall automatically lose their membership on the committee although it may be restored upon a vote of the committee when and if they resume meeting attendance.
  6. Committee membership will be reviewed by the committee and confirmed by the Board annually prior to the General Membership meeting at which new Board members are elected.
  7. The LUTC shall choose its own Chair on an annual basis subject to the approval of the Board.  In the absence of a Chair, the Board may appoint one.  Either the Chair or Vice-Chair should be a member of the Board and report on the activities of the LUCT at Board meetings.

Functions: In Accordance with Eliot’s Bylaws and the Committee/Board Relations rules below, the functions for the land use committee are:

  1. Recommend establishment of policies to be applied to all land use and transportation issues in the neighborhood.
  2. Take positions on land use and transportations issues affecting the neighborhood.
  3. Assist City officials and staff in developing and maintaining neighborhood comprehensive plans and other land use and transportation studies.
  4. Represent the Eliot Neighborhood Association at hearings and meetings involving land use and transportation issues.


  1. The LUTC Chair is the official representative of the LUTC, the Board, and Eliot in all land use and transportation issues, unless another person is designated by the LUTC Chair, the LUTC itself, the Board, or Eliot Membership.
  2. The designated representative of Eliot, the Board, or the LUTC on a land use or transportation issue  must present a summary of the minority views as represented by a coherent minority represented at Eliot Membership, Board, or LUTC meetings if one has been articulated.

Committee/Board Relations:

  1. The LUTC shall adopt its own operating procedures subject to approval by the Board.
  2. Eliot’s land use policies shall be reviewed and approved every four (4) years by the LUTC and referred to the Board for confirmation.
  3. All land use and transportation issues affecting Eliot shall be referred to the LUTC by the Eliot Board unless otherwise required, such as for a time critical issue.
  4. All official contact by land use or building permit applicants or neighbors that affect Eliot will be directed to the LUTC.
  5. Applicants and neighbors shall be welcome at all LUTC meetings.
  6. The LUTC shall determine the neighborhood position on all land use and transportation issues.
  7. The LUTC may refer land use and transportation issues to the Board by a majority vote of members present.
  8. The LUTC shall provide minutes of meetings to the Board.


  1. Eliot:  The Eliot neighborhood as defined by the City of Portland, including all persons, firms, institutions, and organizations eligible for membership in the neighborhood according to Bylaws of the Eliot Neighborhood Association.
  2. Membership:  All persons, firms, institutions, and organizations eligible for membership in the neighborhood association according to Bylaws of the Eliot Neighborhood Association/or City procedures for neighborhood associations.
  3. Board:  The Board of the Eliot Neighborhood Association, elected by the Membership consistent with the Bylaws of the Eliot Neighborhood Association.
  4. LUTC:  The Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee, as approved by the Board.