Lillis-Albina Park - Feb 2007
Lillis-Albina Park – Feb 2007

Lillis Albina is adjacent to the Harriet Tubman school on the corner of Flint and Russell. With a softball diamond, soccer field, basketball courts, lots of open space and a great view of the Fremont Bridge, the park is often bustling with activity.

Until 1947, this was known as Albina Park, since it is in what was once the City of Albina. In 1941, some residents requested that the park be renamed Mike Lillis Park. Michael Edward Lillis was a police officer on the Albina Park beat who was well-liked in that neighborhood. He had been a strong advocate for the park and the children in that area. Other neighbors felt that the park should keep its original name. In 1947, there was a compromise and since then the park has been named Lillis-Albina Park.

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