New Trees in Eliot

On February 16 Friends of Trees held a neighborhood planting  event for Boise, Humbolt, King, Piedmont, Overlook as well as Eliot neighborhood.  In all 280 trees were planted in the 6 neighborhoods – 28 of those in Eliot.

On a bright, crisp Saturday morning volunteers met at Friends of Trees and the Cascadia parking lot along MLK as early as 6:30 am in the morning.   The morning was perfect for coordinating the largest Friends of Trees planting of the year.

Planting crew volunteers – both property owners who purchased trees and other helpful neighbors – arrived around 9 am.  Neighborhood truck drivers, who volunteered their pickup truck as well as their time, were paired with crew leaders to form a planting crews.  As planting volunteers arrived they were assigned to creatively named crews such as “Apple”, “Butterfly” and “Cloud”.

As the day’s event was being coordinated, New Season’s Market provided  OJ, bagels, cake, fruit and yogurt for the hungry volunteers.  Goldrush and Starbucks provided the coffee.

fot08After a few inspiring words from Friends of Trees, Sam Adams, and the neighborhood coordinators the volunteers split up and started the bulk of the work for the day – planting the trees.  Several media outlets including the Portland Tribune, Portland Observer, KGW and KOIN, joined planting crews to cover the story.  A planting crew from Eliot made the evening news on both KGW and KOIN.

Once finished planting, crews came back to the Friends of Trees office for lunch. Pizza-a-Go-Go donated pizza and Widmer donated beer.  Many neighbors provided wonderful homemade dishes and deserts as well.

At the end of the day Friends of Trees made a difference in sustainability, fresh air, livability and also helped neighbors get to know fellow neighbors.  Eliot and the surrounding neighborhoods are a little bit better places to live thanks to Friends of Trees and more importantly all the volunteers who made it happen.