Stanton Street shooting update

Portland Police Officer Pete Helzer offers additional details about the shooting that occurred early June 10:

The facts as we know them are that 19 shots were fired from 4 different guns.  The first 9-1-1 call was received at about 1:40 a.m. It was a report of a fight near 65 N.E. Stanton Street, and following it were multiple calls of shots in the area.

When officers arrived they located a victim of a superficial wound to the upper leg.

There were 150-200 people in the parking lot and street, and some of them began fighting with responding officers. There were liquor bottles strewn about the parking lot and street.

Evidence collected at the scene included one .22 cal revolver containing 7 spent casings, four .44 Magnum casings, two 9mm casings, six .45 Auto casings, three live 9mm round and 6 bullet fragments.

Casings, fragments, and live rounds were recovered from the parking lot and the street.  Additionally one car remaining on the street was struck by a round in the hood, and there was broken tinted auto glass indicating that another car was somehow damaged, but left the scene before it could be identified.

Area hospitals did not report any other walk-in gunshot victims.