Get a Tree!

fottreeGet a tree for only $35 through the Friends of Trees neighborhood planting. Eliot neighbors and Friends of trees will plant trees February 16. Your deadline to order is December 3rd. Order now for the best selection.

Why get a tree? Trees contribute to neighborhood livability. Trees reduce city noise and glare and also calm and slow traffic. Houses on tree-lined streets command prices that are 20% higher than houses without. Trees reduce the energy needed to heat and cool homes. Trees also help reduce green house gas concentrations by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

You will get city-approved trees for your planting strip or yard for $35 per tree! All participants are asked to help plant trees on planting day or volunteer in some other capacity. Trees will be between 1.25 and 2 inches in diameter and 6 – 14 feet tall. On planting day trained volunteers will assist with tree planting. You will be supplied with stakes, ties, labels and follow up monitoring of your trees.

Order your trees on-line at . Click the Order Street Trees button to start.