Friends of Trees Planting

Friends of Trees will be planting trees in Eliot Neighborhood on Saturday February 16th. In addition to Eliot,  trees will be planted in Boise, King, Humbolt, Overlook and Piedmont the same day. The staging area for the planting is the Friends of Trees Office, 3117 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, rain, snow, or shine.

For those neighbors who ordered trees, in the next few days utility locators will mark planting areas to prevent accidentally digging into something underground.

The holes for trees will be dug the week of the 11th by a volunteer crew. The white lines on the curb are the approved placements for street trees. If less trees were ordered than approved for, place a flag, or some other marker (bucket, recycling bin, etc) with a note on it, in the spot where the tree(s) are to be planted.  For yard trees, place a flag or marker for the tree location.  Put the flag or marker in place by Monday the 11th. Back yard holes will be dug on planting day.

After the holes are dug property owners should cover or protect them with something like a sturdy piece of plywood, recycling bin or bucket to prevent accidents.  Friends of Trees cannot be held liable for injuries related to the holes. If a hole is not dug before, it will be dug on planting day.  Holes in the wrong spot will be corrected planting day as well.

On planting day neighbors should leave a hose out and accessible so the trees can be watered after planting.

All property owners received a tree are asked to volunteer in some capacity.  Additional Volunteers are still needed. Volunteers will need to arrive at various times depending volunteer role:
Unloading delivery trucks: 6:30 AM
Registration: 7:30 AM
Neighborhood Truck Drivers: 8:00 AM
Tree Planting: 8:45 AM

Breakfast – provided by New Seasons Market – and coffee will be served.  Show up early to meet your neighbors, enjoy coffee and bagels, and hang out before the planting begins.

Planting volunteers, crew leaders and neighborhood truck drivers will be divided into planting teams.  Each team will plant 10 – 15 trees.

After the planting, local businesses and fellow neighbors will be providing lunch at the Friend of Trees office. Volunteers are needed to help clean up the after lunch from about 2:30-3:30 PM.

For further information email