Street Car Routes

The city has undertaken a comprehensive look at potential new streetcar routes.  This process is a first step to identify possible routes potentially as a way to begin a longer term planning effort to designate preferred routes and plans to expand the system.  Two routes through Eliot were identified, the Williams/Vancouver couplet and MLK.

Because they are so close together, both would not be developed.  Preferred routes will be designated based on potential development that would result from streetcar and neighborhood support for the route in addition to how the route fits with the overall streetcar circulation plan.

Of the two Eliot routes, MLK probably has greater development potential and is better situated to attract riders from adjacent neighborhoods give its proximity to Irvington and the proximity of light rail to Williams and Vancouver residents.  An MLK route also facilitates better connections to PCC and other attractions along Alberta and Killingsworth.

Gary [ENA Chair] and I also separately attended an open house for this process.  Gary understood staff seemed to favor the Williams/Vancouver route over MLK because it is a couplet and they are easier to implement.  Routing along MLK would likely result in the loss of some of the recently replaced parking.