Volunteers Needed

The Eliot Neighborhood Friends of Trees planting will be on Saturday February 14th. Volunteers are needed to help make this planting a success. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors and help improve the neighborhood.

Volunteers are needed for:

  • Reach-Out, Canvasing, promotion – Delivering flyers, talking with neighbors about planting trees.
  • Obtaining donations – Working with businesses for donations.

Day Before Planting:

  • Nursery Truck Driving – Drive large truck from nursery(s) to staging area day before planting.

Planting Day – February 14th:

  • Loading/Unloading trucks – Unload trees from Nursery Truck, load Neighborhood trucks.
  • Neighborhood Truck Driving – Drive your “pickup” truck delivering trees from staging area to planting sites.
  • Planting Trees – Help neighbors on planting day plant trees.
  • Refreshments and Lunch – Serve pastries, juice, coffee, and lunch items to volunteers.
  • Cleanup – Cleanup refreshment table and staging area.

Post Planting:

  • Summer Health Inspector – help monitor health of newly planted trees.

If you are interested in volunteering send an email to trees@eliotneighborhood.org.

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Tree planting volunteers are asked to arrive at the Friends of Trees office at 3117 NE MLK before 9 am on Saturday February 14 to register and get assigned to a planting team.

Trees will be planted in 6 neighborhoods – Boise, Eliot, King, Humbolt, Piedmont and Sabin – all in one day!

Meet your neighbors and improve the neighborhood at the same time!