TriMet Service Changes

TriMet is facing a $13.5 million budget shortfall which is forcing them to make a 5% cut in programs and services agency-wide. After taking a number of steps to reduce costs and improve efficiency, TriMet has proposed service reductions and discontinuations effective September 2009.  For Eliot Neighborhood bus line 33-Fremont and the Max Yellow Line may see some changes.

TriMet originally proposed to discontinue 33-Fremont entirely. Instead, they are reducing service. On weekdays buses will operate less frequent.  Service will be discontinued on both Saturday and Sunday

The Max Yellow Line will also see frequency reductions primarily very early in the morning and late in the evening.  The last trip of the night will be moved up 15 minutes or so. There may also be a few trips that travel between the Rose Quarter and Expo Center only center instead of going all the way downtown.

This month TriMet will be holding public hearings regarding the proposal.  You can also comment via mail, email or telephone.  For more information on these changes, how to contact TriMet, or when and where the public hearings are visit the TriMet’s Proposed Bus and MAX Service Cuts web page.