Return of the Trees

MLK Median Trees Replanted
MLK Median Trees Replanted

Crews from the City of Portland replanted trees in the median along MLK in mid –May.  Prior to the planting about half of the tree wells along the boulevard sat empty and bare.

The trees on MLK have had a tough go at it. Over the years many of the trees had fallen victim to attack by car.   Further, large trucks traveling up and down the boulevard tend to brush against branches occasionally giving trees an unplanned “trim”.

In June 2008 several trees between Tillamook and Sacramento were lost during a house move.  Unfortunately as the house inched up MLK it did not fit between the sidewalk trees and the trees in the middle.  Six median trees were lost. The owner of the house paid to replace the trees.

Now all the trees are back and the street looks great.  Hopefully they will last a while.