Speed me to my sprawling home in Washington

Speaking of poor design, how about that 12-lane bridge to nowhere; I mean Vancouver? The lone “neighborhood” voice in City Council was frozen out when she tried to raise environmental justice issues, since the congestion that will be “relieved” will be at the Columbia moving the current congestion further into inner N/NE including Eliot. This is an area that is already overloaded with toxic air emissions and poisoning adjacent schools and it will only get worse with the bridge.

As the Portland Mercury pointed out, apparently we feel a need to kow tow to the desires of Washingtonians to live on 5 acre plots and commute in single occupant SUVs. As the Oregonian opines, it is a legitimate “lifestyle choice.”  I only wish they were as supportive of other lifestyle choices; Ones that don’t destroy the environment, ruin farmland and waste natural resources.

The only way to solve pollution problem in inner N/NE is to eliminate the “swerve” that connects I-84 to I-5. Bringing the conversation full circle, the Portland Plan is expected to broach that subject in the context of eliminating the east bank freeway. If that connection were simply eliminated it would solve problems with congestion at the swerve and associated air pollution in close-in neighborhoods. Traffic from the south would be diverted north over I-405 and east bound traffic would continue directly to I-84. Eliminating the merge with southbound I-5 traffic would speed flows on I-84 as well. Of course, drivers in close-in N/NE neighborhoods would have to circle downtown on I-405 in lieu of using the on ramps at Broadway. But that would reduce commuting traffic on Broadway, which is something the adjacent neighborhoods want as well. Simple solution!