General Membership Meeting Minutes 2009-10-12

Meeting Minutes 10/12/09

7:00pm  Meeting called to order by Clint Lundmark, Chair, after a time of refreshments enjoyed by all.  (Thanks to Kirsten and others for the goodies!)  Introductions followed.

Board Members Present: Joan Ivan, Julia Peters, Clint Lundmark, Julie Woelfer, Naomi Sacks, Pauline Bradford, Kirsten Jenkins, Angela Kremer, Jim Hlava, Eric Aronson

Neighbors and Guests Present: Susan Bailey, Mike Warwick, Jodi Gooth, Marcia Danab (DEQ), Shari Miller-Regan, Bill Spangle, Dora DeCoursey, Tamille Lundmark, Lauren McCartney, Lee Perlman, Arlie Atkins (WPC), Kelly Sweeney, Alec Esquivel, Irene Bowers (PDC)

Region Survey Results:  Below you’ll find the number of people who came to the meeting and which area they come from in Eliot:
Region 1: 10
Region 2: 5
Region 3: 4
Region 4: 0

Region 1: Eliot Neighborhood East of Vancouver, North of Russell, West of MLK
Region 2: Eliot Neighborhood East of MLK
Region 3: Eliot Neighborhood East of Vancouver, South of Russell, West of MLK
Region 4: Eliot Neighborhood West of Vancouver

Minutes: The General Membership Meeting minutes from 4/13/09 were approved/accepted as read.

Portland Police Bureau:  No report.

Air Toxics Monitoring, Marcia Danab, DEQ
There is an air toxics monitor located at Tubman School.  It is one of 62 schools around the country (the other one in Oregon is in Toledo) chosen to have a monitor because of its proximity to the freeway and industrial emissions from NW and N Portland.  There is a permanent monitor at Roselawn.  This one at Tubman will give a 2-month snapshot of emissions.  A concern includes monitoring for metals.  Samples will be shipped to a lab to be analyzed.  The report will be available after 1/1/2010.  The goal is to reduce risk and make suggestions for a 10-year plan to decrease air toxics using community solutions.  Please contact Marcia at and read the article on the website.

Pedestrian Improvements with Arlie Adkins, Willamette Pedestrian Coalition
The WPC is a non-profit advocacy group for pedestrians.  The are collecting input for the obstacles that prevent people from getting around on foot.  Problems in our neighborhood include:  quality of the sidewalks, curb cuts, people parking in their driveway and blocking the sidewalk, vines, crosswalk lights being too short (inadequate amount of time to safely cross the street), bikes on sidewalks (especially on MLK), trouble accessing the Rose Quarter and the Broadway Bridge, bikes on the bridge not communicating with pedestrians, and a lack of crosswalks to Irving Park.  Arlie asks us to take a survey at

Gateway and Heritage Markers with Irene Bowers from the PDC
The big gateway marker will be at the “funny little triangle” where Grand starts curving back toward MLK by Schuyler.  This will serve as a welcome to N/NE Portland and will be owned by PDOT.  The design calls for a screen wall and a 20-foot heritage marker.  Along MLK, there will be other markers at places of interest–these will be 11-feet tall.  The categories that will be addressed are:  immigration/migration, activism/civil rights, commerce/industry, ethnicity/race, and community-building.  They will have photos and text about the subject.  What about tagging and how to maintain these markers?  There is no money from PDC for maintenance.  Irene encourages us to write a letter to the PDC Board asking them to address the issue of maintenance.  Pauline encourages a sign about the old Mt. Olive Church at Schuyler that had a very interesting history.  Irene’s e-mail is

Noise Pollution at the Airport
Noise is actually diminishing at the airport, but please report any noise complaints at

Committee and Representative Reports
♦Bylaw Review: 
Naomi needs help.  The bylaws are on the web.  Please take a look at them.  Pauline requests that every board member get a hard copy.
Friends of Trees:  Clint is the neighborhood coordinator.  F of T plants trees in neighborhoods in collaboration with the Greater Green.  Yard or street trees cost $30.  The plant date is Feb. 13, 2010.  Sign up for a tree by 12/20/09.
Interstate Corridor URAC/Oregon Convention Center:  Waiting on funds.
MLK Advisory Committee:  Eliot needs a representative.
NECN:  They’ve been planning lots of activities and socials.  They are working to restore the Rider Advocate program.  The farmer’s market had a good first year, but they’re working to get more in tune with neighborhood wants, such as changing the market hours (this year it was Sunday from 10am-2pm, conflicting with church for a lot of people) and prohibiting dogs.  NECN lost 3 board members.
Newsletter:  Back on track!  Tony resigned so Clint is the interim editor.  Susan needs help with distribution.  The deadline to submit articles for the next edition is December 1st.  It will be delivered the first week of January.
Russell Street Improvements:  Looks good!
Streetcar:  Construction has started!  It will go from Broadway to 7th and down Grand and MLK.
Treasurer’s Report:  We have two accounts.  One has $3165.54 and the other has 5206.70.  There is some confusion over the accounts.  It is believed that one is an Eliot News account and the other is our regular account.
Rose Quarter Stakeholders Advisory Committee:  Check out  They have meetings twice a month; there are 35 stakeholders.  None are from SE.  They tend to be more educated and wealthier than the general population.  (They’re supposed to keep this in mind as they think about development.)  They are just getting started and are thinking about how to develop the area and what to do with the MC.  Meetings are open to the public.
Rose Quarter GNA:  There will be a meeting 10/18 at Angela’s house at 4pm.  Angela passed around cards on which to write questions.  They are working on a better written agreement.
Land Use Committee:  The Emanuel Children’s Hospital wants to build 25 feet higher than they had originally asked for.  There is now an orange marker at the proposed height of the building.  They will be building a new utility plant as well.  We can ask for streetscape improvements.  Please direct your comments to Mike.

Board Elections
Julie Woelfer nominates all current board members present at the meeting plus Laurie Simson and Chris Yeagers to be on the board, pending their approval.  This passes unanimously.

Public Comment
Kirsten reported that the owner of Cathay Market would like to come to a board meeting before our letter is sent to OLCC.  The meeting time will not change to accommodate his request.  He is invited to the November meeting.
♦The groundbreaking for Morning Star Baptist Church will be 10/17 at 2:30pm.

Adjournment:  Clint adjourned the meeting at 9:10pm.

Respectfully submitted by Julia Peters, Recorder, this 20th day of October, 2009.