General Membership Meeting Minutes 2010-04-12

Meeting Minutes  4/12/10

Minutes: Review of October, 2009 General Membership Meeting minutes.  Minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report: Tamille gave treasury report.  We currently have $8,126.51 in the account.

Neighborhood Garden: Jackie, a neighbor on Morris Street, talked about the new Eliot Community Garden that will be on a vacant lot at MLK and Morris.   The landlord gave a 3-year commitment to have the garden there.  There is a work party on Saturday, April 17th to build 4 raised beds.  There was a request for ENA to make a donation for water.  There was a motion that the ENA build a community garden.  There was a second by Kirsten Jenkins.  Discussion of liability followed:  whether ENA would be responsible for things not being taken care of, or people getting hurt, etc.  Dora DeCoursey amended it to say “as long as the landowner agrees to maintain insurance.”  Jackie okayed the amendment.   There were 11 yes votes and 0 no votes.

Rose Quarter Advisory Committee
The 3 finalists for the Memorial Coliseum redevelopment came to the meeting to each speak for 20 minutes about their proposals.
*Jumptown: The first speaker was J. Isaac with the Trail Blazers.  This proposal would be called Jumptown.  They plan to keep the bowl and the exterior box intact, but they plan to cut apertures into the bowl to make it open to the concourse.  They will address all of the deferred maintenance.  They will have a restaurant in the concourse.
*Veterans Memorial Arts and Athletic Center: The next speaker was Matthew Miller with VMAAC.   Their plan is to take the bowl out and have an arena inside.  They also plan to have an aquatic center in the exhibition hall which is located on the bottom level of the coliseum.  There would also be a jazz club to honor the historic jazz clubs that were taken down on the site.  There will be a rock gym, dance studio, teen center, restaurant, academy of arts, multimedia stations for TV and radio, a 500-seat black box theatre, convention halls/wedding spaces.  They also propose a bigger space for the memorial section that will include all Oregon veterans, not just veterans from a 12-mile range or from older wars.  It would include current-day veterans as well.  It would include a water feature.  Mike Gulliland is the architect for VMAAC.  He spoke about there also being a gymnastic training center, 2 full-time basketball/volleyball courts, an events gallery and formal lobby.  It would be an entertainment hub with a sports bar that would be above a rock climbing wall.
*Memorial Athletic Recreation Center: The third speaker was Doug Oblitz with Shiels Oblitz Johnson.  The name for their proposal is MARC which stands for Memorial Athletic Recreation Center.  Their proposal includes a velodrome, an indoor running track, an aquatics hall/center for international and national competitions, 6 basketball courts and a full-size soccer field.  MARC is proposing that it will be a non-profit organization for the public benefit.  It would operate under a lease from the City of Portland.

Committee Reports
Laurie Simpson said that the Oral History Project will be starting their interviews on April 23.  There will be a table for the ENA at City Hall during Earth Day, which will be related to the Oral History Project.  They are still looking for interviewees.
*Spring Clean-up is May 1 from 9am-1pm at the parking lot between Vancouver and Graham.  Contact Chris Yeagers if you are available to volunteer.
*Dawson Park Concert Series: Tamille announced that there will be three bands for the concert series this year.

Board Round Table/Announcements
You can look up the PBOT website to look into proposals for the new bike lanes.
*Alex from Hancock Street and Rodney said that he has noticed a lot of drug deals and people that look like they are dealing around his part of lower Eliot.
*Laurie Simpson said that there was a $10,000 grant given by the city to the Williams Street corridor.
*Pauline announced that there will be an African dinner at Immaculate Heart Church from 6-8pm on May 1.  The tickets are $30.  This will include food from all parts of Africa and it includes entertainment after the dinner.

Respectfully submitted by Julie Woelfer and Kirsten Jenkins.