General Membership Meeting Minutes 2010-10-11


Meeting Minutes 10/11/2010

Board members present – Alexander Johnson, Angela Kremer, Clint Lundmark, Jim Hlava, Joan Ivan, Julie Woelfer, Kirsten Jenkins, Kristen Yates, Pauline Bradford, Pamela Weatherspoon, and Tamille Lundmark

Visitors present – Dora DeCoursey, Alan Sanchez, Mike Alston, Katie Mays, Maria Roselle, Charlie Crowther, Morgan Yost, Caitrin Coccuma, Mike Warwick, Ali Harvey, Nicholas Starin, Pete Marfell, Ashley Wilson, Carol Cushman, and Barry Joe Stull.

7:01 – Meeting called to order

7:06 – Introductions

7:10 – Minutes read

  • Minutes were from the 4/12/2010 meeting. They were approved as read.

7:15 – Central City Plan N/NE Quadrant – Nicholas –

  • Includes plans for Broadway, Weidler, and Interstate 5. Being formed to update the Central City Plan which was written in 1980.
  • Central City 2035 project to determine policy decisions to determine the course that the city will take. Broken up into quadrant plans.
  • Starting at the quadrant level. The N/NE Quadrant plan will be the first completed.
  • At the quadrant level, they will address issues related to land use, urban design, transportation infrastructure, and the Willamette River.
  • Following a basic planning process, currently dealing with background and existing conditions. Slated for completion in 2012.
  • Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Bureau of Transportation, and Oregon Department of Transportation.
  • ODOT has identified the stretch of I-5 between I-405 and I-84 as needing changes. More crashes happen on this stretch of freeway than anywhere else in Oregon.
  • These problems are going to be addressed collaboratively.
  • Intersection of I-5, Broadway, and Weidler is particularly dangerous for cyclists.
  • There is a stakeholder advisory committee overseeing the project.
  • Next SAC meeting will be Oct. 14 at 5:30 p.m. at the ODOT building. More information on the website.
  • Held a series of neighborhood walks in late September. More information on the website.
  • An open house in mid-November (probably November 15).
  • BPS will be gathering public input throughout the planning process.
  • BPS is considering zoning changes near the light rail line in Lower Albina (near the Widmer Brothers Brewery).
  • Lee Perlman asks if ODOT is still considering removing Paramount Apartments for I-5 changes or expansion.
  • Response is that nothing is on or off of the table yet.
  • Angela asks if their plans include connecting Eliot to the Rose Quarter.
  • Response is that connections and transitions will be very important.

7:35 – Measure 26-114 (Library funding) – Ali, Volunteer

  • Ali is educating and endorsing Measure 26-114
  • She speaks about the benefits that libraries provide.
  • She explains the role that Multnomah County’s serve in our community.
  • Measure 26-114 is not a tax increase. It would change the county charter to allow voters to create a library district.

7:44 – Measure 26-108 (Campaign finance) – League of Women Voters

  • Portland provides public funding for political campaigns.
  • Two candidates have been elected under the program. One third of candidates who attempt to receive public financing are successful in earning public financing.
  • The program will end unless there is a yes vote to continue the program.

7:48 – Measure 76 (Parks and water funding) – Outreach Director for the Yes Campaign –

  • In 1998 Oregon voted to send 15% of lottery funding to parks, wildlife, and water. This funding allocation will expire in 2014.
  • Measure 76 will make this allocation permanent.

7:56 – Rose Quarter GNA – Angela Kremer –

  • Angela gives a brief history of the Rose Quarter GNA and her involvement in it.
  • The GNA proposes partnerships between the Rose Quarter and the Eliot Neighborhood Association.
  • The GNA is still in process.
  • The Community Benefits Agreement may be rolled into Rose Quarter Stakeholder Advisory Community.
  • The spokesperson for the Rose Quarter is open to a Good Neighborhood Agreement and a Community Benefits Agreement.

8:06 – Portland Police Neighborhood Response Team – Officer Pete Hellser

  • Common occurrences in the last month were car prowls and tagging.
  • No significant updates from summer shooting at 7th and Russell.
  • Mike Warwick says that the family that was living in the house where the shooting took place have since moved out.

20:11 – Committee Reports

Friends of Trees – Clint Lundmark

  • We have sold two trees and there were thirteen sign ups. A sign up usually ends up being a tree purchased.
  • If a homeowner wants a tree in the strip between the sidewalk and the road, Friends of Trees will complete the permit for planting the tree.
  • The trees cost $35. This includes everything. You can choose what type of tree you want. Usually it costs $150-200 to plant a tree yourself, according to Clint.
  • Kirsten Jenkins points out that Friends of Trees is in our neighborhood.

Land Use – Mike Warwick

  • Children’s Hospital will be considered at the next LUC meeting.
  • Cox & Cox Funeral Home has been sold and will be sub-divided into town homes.
  • The LUC exists to inform the planning process and to oversea land development in the neighborhood. LUC signs off on the design impacts.
  • Lee Perlman points out that the LUC was also created to assist the ENA in handling land use issues when there were more of them.

Urban Renewal Areas – Pauline Bradford

  • There is a meeting on Oct. 18 at OAMBE 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

MLK Heritage Markers – Pauline Bradford

  • Considering a Type 2 design review, which would send the plans back to the LUC.
  • Clint declares that “shipped up the river” is the quote of the day.

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods – Paige

  • Paige thanks Joan and Pauline for their time and contributions.
  • This year is the thirty-fifth year that the NECN has been in existence.
  • Event on Friday and Saturday November 12 13 (Friday evening and all day Saturday). Cost of attendance is 3 hours of volunteer time or $25 or $30 at community room at planned parenthood mlk. Information on website.
  • Dormant Public Safety Action Committee is no longer dormant in the wake of recent violence. Chris Lopez will be in charge.
  • NECN is stressing neighborhood economic development.

ENA Newsletter – Clint Lundmark

  • Published on-time. Please submit articles.
  • Next deadline for articles is December 10.
  • All the content is on the website. Three thousand copies are printed.
  • Pauline says that managers of apartments should be told to distribute a copy of the newsletter to each resident.
  • Angela would like to discuss the idea of having a themed issue.

Oral History Project – Laurie

  • Laurie not present, skipped.

Rose Quarter Stakeholders Advisory Committee – Clint Lundmark

  • Last meeting was on sept 28. There was an audit of the operations of the RQ.
  • Portland Arena Management must make a good faith effort to start development by mid-November they use their first right of refusal. Legal questions about what the definition of start is.
  • Also working on how the next planning process will be run.
  • Moving on from the Memorial Coliseum to evaluating the Rose Quarter.
  • Still negotiations going on with Memorial Coliseum project.

Treasurer’s Report – Tamille Lundmark

  • Please see the Treasurer’s Report.

Welcome Committee – Kirsten

  • Kirsten has been distributing welcome packets to people who she has sold houses to.
  • None of her recent sales were short sales or foreclosures.

8:52 – Elections

  • Julie Woelfer nominates the existing board and Mike Warwick seconds.
  • Alan nominated Alan.
  • Barry Joe nominated Barry Joe.
  • Mike Dougherty nominated Mike Dougherty.
  • Mike Warwick nominated Laurie Simpson.
  • Maria was nominated.
  • Lee moves that all candidates be elected by acclamation. Clint says that that motion is out of order.
  • All members of the board are approved.

9:00 – Chair’s Comments

  • Clint had the following goals for the year: Put on concerts in Dawson Park (accomplished), clean up graffiti (accomplished), review the Cascadia GNA (accomplished), amend the bylaws (not accomplished), deliver quarterly newsletters (accomplished), plant fifteen trees with Friends of Trees (accomplished), host gardening workshop (not accomplished), deliver welcome bags three times per year (not accomplished), host an outreach table at two events (accomplished), complete Rose Quarter GNA (not accomplished), and change zoning in Russell (not accomplished).

9:07 – Public Comment

  • Children’s Hospital is holding a “topping off event” which signifies the completion of the steel structure. Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.
  • NECN is offering grants of $2,000 for general projects, $2,500 for graffiti abatement (visit
  • Multnomah County is seeking public comment on a food policy for the county (visit
  • Justin Zuellner offered grant for community garden $20,000. Angela will forward grant information via email.
  • Barry Joe says that City Council still has Wednesday morning open comments. Five people get three minutes each.

Respectfully submitted by Alexander M Johnson