Carpet Thief!

Who would steal a doormat under cover of darkness?  And who would do so repeatedly including during the light of day?

That is something Pauline Bradford would like to know.  Several months ago Pauline lost a carpet that she used as a doormat for many, many years.  She was puzzled by this, as the much used carpet had little value other than, perhaps a ground cover for a homeless person camping in a nearby park.

Naturally, she replaced it.  A few weeks later it was also missing.  The third replacement went missing during the day.  After repeated questions of friends and neighbors, she was told that there are animals that will take things like this for their dens.

The current carpet has remained in place, thus far, perhaps because it is being held down by a chair and other objects on her porch.  We offer this story as both a warning and an invitation for neighbors to be on the lookout for an animal thief, probably a raccoon but maybe a coyote.