General Membership Meeting Minutes 2011-10-10


Eliot Neighborhood Board General Membership Meeting Minutes

Monday, October 10, 2011
Time:  7 PM to 9 PM
Emanuel Hospital
501 N. Graham Street – West Meeting room

Next meeting: 7-9PM Monday November 14

Recorder: Allan Rudwick

1.     Introductions and Review of the Agenda  – no revisions
2.     Review and Approve September Minutes – minutes approved with no changes
3.     Welcome to General Membership Meeting by Chair
Angela presented.  Highlights:
Land Use Committee

  • Northeast Quadrant Plan Kickoff and Alternatives – LUC has Developed Land Use recommendations from Eliot and presented to Board
  • Good Neighborhood Agreement Development by South Eliot committee- Adopted draft GNA March 2011
    • Presented to Blazers and the committee is drafting new Partnership with LDCA and Blazers with appendix relating to parking, trash mitigation, and pedestrian issues
  • N Williams Avenue Traffic Safety Operations Project—ongoing

Community Livability and Education Ongoing Events

  • Friends of Trees plantings and Graffiti abatement projects
  • Community Concerns in Dawson park and tabling/outreach
  • Community Clean up in May made $666.42
  • Co-sponsored and funded events such as Meals on Wheels fundraisers and gave park permit to support fundraising and letters of support NNEBA
  • NECN SALT Committee Safety and Livability Team – Participation has focused on increasing safety and walking

Special Partnership and Unique Eliot Physical Change

Albina Community Garden – Began with Blazers and ENA and includes Lloyd District, ENA, Port City, Emanuel for a 5 year land lease and collective garden on Emanuel property

Boise Eliot Community Square – Supported development of leased land to create garden, market stalls, etc

Board Development:  Visioning and Outreach

  • Developed preliminary Vision of Living in Eliot, Doing business, and Getting around in Eliot
  • Vision Committee and Board Retreat ongoing efforts 2011

4.      Board Elections:

15 board members were put on a slate, 13 in attendance were voted onto the board for 2011-2012:

Pauline Bradford,

Kirsten Jenkins,

Julie Wolfer,

Clint Lundmark,

Tamille Lundmark,

Kristen Yates,

Joan Ivan,

Jim Hlava,

Pamela Weatherspoon-Reed,

Angela Kremer,

Barry Joe Stull,

Alan Sanchez,

Allan Rudwick

Two members were nominated and if they accept will also be on the board:

Laurie Simpson,

John Cooper II

There will still be 5 seats open.

5.   Amanda Fritz- the Commissioner of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement came to talk

Amanda- ONI is looking to quantify neighborhood involvement hours (not just board meetings but also all the committees we sit on)
Pauline and Amanda discussed Urban Renewal Area promises.  Some have not been kept, we will see in time about the rest
Clint- Rose quarter stuff lots of wasted effort- plans are going unused
Amanda- Vision into action program has been moved to PSU
Amanda- ONI budget revamped, they are now organized to be funded by vision based ideas, in the hopes of making a better system
Amanda gave a shout out to her “coming down the pike page”

6.      Updates on Committees

NECN Rep- Katy Asher- (full blast below)-

Solarize NE is trying to allow renters to get involved with the plan
The NECN board retreat Nov 15

Training for board members – Hosting one Nov 30

NECN econ Dev speaker series coming.
Neighborhood Small  Grants due Nov 1 st

Project Update on Albina Gardens
Project grow partnership.  Growing is in process now on Emanuel’s property.  They have lots of partners, but could still use more.  Gardening happens on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays 10-4
Shared harvest.  They could use more planters
Looking to offset the cost. Facebook page

Central City Plan Update– Lee Perlman – There could be zoning changes in lower Albina and southern Eliot to match existing uses and allow businesses that are already there to more easily expand

Vancouver/Williams Safety Corridor – Allan Rudwick – not much to report, committee re-forming.

Port City Development- Oct 19 meeting about music fest at port city 5:30pm – It will be a bluegrass festival
They are planning to apply for 2 small grants for Graffiti abatement.  Didn’t want to commit to joining the board

7.    Report by Treasurer – Tamille Lundmark – we should have over 1000$ coming in within the next few weeks

Eliot Neighborhood Association – Treasurer’s Report 10/10/11
2009 Recap
Beginning Balance 2009  $ 6,700.63
Cleanup  $      443.75
Concert  $      561.50
Donation  $    (200.00)
Interest  $           2.39
Newsletter  $      424.71
Other  $    (192.78)
FOT  $      (47.50)
Taxes  $      (10.00)
Website  $      (89.77)
Ending Balance 2009  $ 7,592.93
2010 Recap
Beginning Balance 2010  $ 7,592.93
Cleanup  $      353.77
Concert  $    (500.00)
Donation  $    (400.00)
Interest  $        10.15
Newsletter  $    (343.69)
Oral History  $      550.00
Other  $      929.04
FOT  $               –
Taxes  $    (160.00)
Website  $      (51.13)
Ending Balance 2010  $ 7,981.07
2011 Recap through 10/10/11
Balance beginning 2011  $ 7,981.07
Cleanup  $      666.54
Concert  $(1,708.00)
Donation  $    (500.00)
Interest  $           7.61
Newsletter  $      180.00
Oral History  $    (384.40)
Other  $      (81.00)
FOT  $      (13.00)
Taxes  $      (60.00)
Website  $               –
Current Balance as of 10/10/11  $ 6,088.82

8. Public Comment – If there was anything important, I missed it

NECN full blast:

Neighborhood Small Grants and Graffiti Abatement Funds Available Now!

In partnership with the City of Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement, NECN will offer $1000-$4000 per project within the Neighborhood Small Grant program and up to $2,500 per graffiti abatement project.

Past projects funded by NECN include community orchards, tours of African American murals, after school programs, community outreach projects, website design, murals, graffiti clean-up and multicultural festivals.

This year we will be accepting applications for all types of projects including those with an aspect of community economic development. Applications due by 5:00pm on November 1st, 2011

Northeast Coalition Community Committees

Land Use and Transportation Committee

October meeting: Wednesday the 26th, 7:00pm, at NECN.

The Land Use and Transportation Committee addressed a lengthy list at a recent September meeting; topics covered include cell towers in neighborhoods, food carts regulations, the Portland Plan and more!(Agenda for October will be posted one week before the meeting).

Columbia River Crossing update:
As you may be aware, NECN is actively opposing the proposed mega-project called the “Columbia River Crossing.” Over the summer, regional planning organization Metro approved a Land Use Final Order allowing the project to proceed. NECN, along with Coalition for a Livable Future, has appealed this decision. A decision on our appeal is due by late October. Also, the Final Environmental Impact Statement on the CRC has been published, and is currently open for comments from the public. A Subcommittee of the LUTC has formed to focus on the FEIS, if you are interested in hearing more or becoming involved, please email

Safety and Livability Team
October meeting: Monday the 17th, 6:30pm, at NECN.

In September, the Josiah Hill III Clinic presented about workshops available to neighborhoods on reducing toxins in the home, DJ OG One (official DJ of the Trail Blazers) addressed SALT about his efforts to reduce violence among youth and we heard from the City regarding efforts for a Collaborative Bar Agreement between the 53 bars on Alberta Street. This month, SALT will host a presentation on the City’s new composting program, hear updates on Last Thursday and plan for a series of small topical mini-forums in the coming year. Email for more information.

Community Economic Development Council

October meeting: Thursday the 20th at 8:00am, at NECN.

The Community Economic Development Council (CEDC) looks at a range of local needs for jobs, asset creation, economic generators, small business supports, place-based investments, community-based investment and more. The committee advocates for investment in our neighborhoods and community to meet critical community needs in significant ways.

Please save the date and join us for an upcoming Speaker Series, starting November 1st, on the history of N/NE Portland’s economy. The Speaker Series will be an opportunity for community organizations, businesses, agencies and other groups to table and provide information to attendees.

Please email Imani if you are interested in tabling at the Speaker Series.

Upcoming Neighborhood Association Board Orientations

Learn skills to improve the effectiveness of your neighborhood association.

Meet and share ideas with association members citywide!

Be more effective in your role as a board member!

Attend one of two upcoming neighborhood association board orientations:

October 27th 6:00 – 8:30 PM, Neighbors West-Northwest and Southwest Neighbors are facilitating Building Leaders, Building Your Board! Best Practices for Effective Neighborhood Associations.Space is limited. For more information and to RSVP go to:

Save-the-Date for November 30th when the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods will host a similar workshop with a light focus on our neighborhoods. More information in the November Enewsletter!

Project Update and Albina Gardens/Oral History
Project grow partnership.  Going now on Emanuel’s property.lots of partners.1st and 3rd Saturdays 10-4
Shared harvest
Liking for more planters
Looking to offset the cost. Facebook page