Editorial – Our Neighborhood is named Eliot

I love our neighbors to the north and slightly west as much as anyone.  Admittedly, I’m somewhat jealous that they have two “Main Streets” in their neighborhood while Eliot is struggling to get one.  Perhaps someday Mississippi or Williams will eventually extend south from Boise into Eliot.

However, this neighborhood, our neighborhood, is Eliot. Nobody lives in Boise-Eliot. At least I hope not because it’s a school.

When the Boise-Eliot Market was starting I asked if they would consider using “Boise & Eliot”.  The response…“the aim was to name the market in honor of both neighborhoods.” Wouldn’t an “&” symbol do that as well?

Now I hear a music festival is taking the name “Boise-Eliot Music Festival”. What, no “&”? Is it in Boise or Eliot?

The hyphenated name is confusing to the rest of the city and Eliot deserves its own identity.  We share a longer border with Irvington. (Interestingly, the real estate agent who sold my house listed it as in Irvington.) Maybe we should be Eliot-Irvington?

I think I’ll stick with just Eliot.