General Membership Meeting Agenda 2012-04-09

General Membership Meeting of the Eliot Neighborhood Association (Public welcome) April 9th at “MOB West” at Legacy Emanuel Hospital.  7-9pm

This is a conference room just across the semi-circular driveway of the Medical Office Building, at 501 N Graham. (directions)

0. Welcome and Introductions (10 min)

1. (Kristin) Read & Approve minutes (5 min)

2. Changes to agenda?

3. (7:15pm) Portland Public Schools – Cameron Vaughan-Tyler

4.  (7:45pm) Good in the Hood -Cheryl Roberts

5. (8:00pm) Sullivan’s Gulch Trail

6. (8:10pm) NECN request for postcard money for cleanup

7. (8:15pm) Retreat Recap and Next Steps (Allan and Angela)

8. (8:45pm) Committee Updates, NECN announcements and Public Comment