How Tall is 85 Feet?

An Eliot Neighbor is planning to tether 100 balloons today and send them up 85 feet. Why? A development proposal for the west end of the block surrounded by Fremont, Williams and Ivy calls for a portion of the building on the Williams and Fremont corner to be 85 feet tall. 

To many neighbors in the area it sounds tall.  But exactly how tall is 85 feet?  Alise Munson will display 100 helium filled balloons near the site where the tower would be built to show you.  On Wednesday look up between 4 pm and 7 pm at the Red Balloons for Reason to find out just how tall that is!

For more information see Red Balloons for Reason.

One thought on “How Tall is 85 Feet?

  1. Yesterday, City Council voted that 85 feet is not too tall. Based on the response of those who saw the Red Balloons for Reason, many will disagree with that decision.


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