A Chiropractor opens shop in Eliot

I recently interviewed new business owner Doctor Sabrina Marcus, DC who just moved into a Lower Albina Office. Wildflowers Chiropractic is located in the Gotham Building at 2262 N. Albina Avenue, Suite 129 right on Interstate Avenue.

AR: When did you open? Why did you choose Lower Albina? Do you live in the area?

SM: I opened Wildflowers Chiropractic in January 2011 and opened my new North Portland location in March 2013. I have learned over time that each area of Portland, though physically close, can have vastly different attitudes towards personal healthcare. I have been drawn to NoPo partially due to how welcome I have always felt here both personally and as a chiropractor, though I currently live in Milwaukie.

AR: Why did you choose to locate in Eliot and Lower Albina specifically?

SM: I have enjoyed the Eliot/Lower Albina area most because of its atmosphere. People are both quirky and down-to-earth as well as extremely welcoming. The next best perk of the Eliot area is how close it is to so many other points in Portland. It is minutes from Downtown, St. John’s, Kenton, Boise, and it’s still just a straight shot from more distant places like Milwaukie, Sellwood  and Vancouver. There are also a lot of great things to do in the area from dancing to fencing to picnicking in any of the nearby parks. I am proud to have become a part of the NoPo landscape.

AR: What is the focus of your practice, what sets you apart?

SM: A chiropractor is someone who works directly with the tissues of your body, most often joints, to relieve pain and symptoms from new or old injuries. One focus of my practice that sets me apart is the amount of soft-tissue work (e.g. trigger points, etc.) and patient education I provide. With education, I want to empower my patients to help themselves in between visits and  know that they can directly participate in their own health care. One of the joys of my practice is helping people who have had a chronic injury to get past it. For newer or more traumatic injuries, getting to the root cause of the problem early helps to implement a strong foundation for future healing.