140 Free Trees

Street Tree
Newly Planted Street Tree

The Albina Tree Initiative aims to plant 140 street trees in Eliot, Boise and Humboldt neighborhoods.  Using money from 2 different grants, Rosemary Anderson High School Students in partnership with Friends of Trees will be planting the trees in February.

Students will be canvassing neighborhoods starting Saturday September 28th.  “Canvassing will continue throughout October until we have obtained neighbor’s approval to plant 140 free street trees in the Humboldt, Boise and Eliot neighborhoods” said Spencer Burton, Project Manager for the initiative.

Not sure if you want a tree?  Consider the value of trees to the community:

  • Trees reduce traffic speeds
  • Trees increase the value of your home
  • Trees are a stimulus to economic development
  • Trees green and beautify increasing neighborhood pride
  • Trees cool your home and neighborhood and reduce utility bills
  • Trees reduce blood pressure and improves emotional and physical health
  • Trees have a calming and healing effect on those with ADHD
  • Trees reduce noise and air pollution from cars and buses
  • Trees create a more natural and comfortable urban life
  • Trees provide a home for birds and animals
  • Trees reduce storm water runoff

Fill out the Albina Tree Initiative Flyer and leave it with canvassers or contact Spencer Burton, 503 803-2699, spencerburtonforportland@gmail.com to reserve your trees or get more information.