Neighbors Appeal Development

Proposed Development on Williams and Fremont.
Proposed Development on Williams and Fremont.

A group of neighbors that are most impacted by a proposed development on the corner of Williams and Fremont have filed an appeal with the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) in opposition of a zone change made in June. They have also started a website for their cause.

From a note posted on the site…

I bear good news that the group of 5 households that filed an appeal with the  Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) in opposition of the  “Kaiser Tower” has  received word that our appeal moves on to oral arguments in Salem before LUBA.  The proposed 8 1/2 story , 85 foot tall, Kaiser Tower development is the one imagined for the SE corner of N Williams and NE Fremont…

The LUBA hearing will [be] for one single person in our party, or our attorney, to present the case to the LUBA board.  It is for oral presentation time to expound on our arguments which were already filed with LUBA.  It is NOT an opportunity for us to pack the house as legally only the one person selected for our group can present our arguments.  This is a classic David (the neighbors  and community)  versus Goliath— (the Developer and City Attorney’s Office).  The more important hearing for people to consider attending is at 1900 SW 4th Ave  Building (In the PSU area) and is also on October  24th for a Design Assistance Review meeting with the City’s Design Commissioner’s.  It is in the afternoon at 1:30 PM.

For the full post and a lot more information see the Smart Growth for Portland website.