Pepper Box Moves

Pepper Box
Pepper Box

Dreamers Marketplace started out with a big dream of having an open outdoor market in the Summer, an indoor market in the Winter and a pod of Food Carts.  Within a year or so most of the vision had vanished. 3 years later it fully came to an end when the final food cart – Pepper Box – packed up.

Sadly, last week, the Pepper Box food cart was hitched up and towed away.  Their fabulous southwest flavor on the corner of Graham and MLK was a neighborhood favorite. Here is a note posted on Facebook from the owner:

Dear Friends of Pepper Box –
It is with a heavy heart we have to tell you that Pepper Box will be closing at its current location. We have been given notice to vacate our spot by the end of the month to make way for a new development. Our last day of business will be Saturday October 26th. We will be looking for a new location for the business. If you have ideas for food cart spaces or small café/restaurants please let us know. It may be a little while before we reopen but hope you visit us when we do. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping make the last 3 years a success.

Thank you,
Jim and Margaret Wilson
Pepper Box

It’s not clear what development is coming. Mike Warwick, Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee chair didn’t seem to know either.