Comp Plan Schedule Update

Update Timeline
Update Timeline

The next milestone for the Comp Plan is July 21st. This is the day the next draft of the Plan and the interactive “map app” will be posted by Planning staff. The “map app” allows users to browse a Portland map with proposed zone and other changes to review and comment. The draft Plan will, I assume, expand on the text from the previous draft, which had whole sections yet to be written. Public outreach will follow posting of the plan including “open houses” and “notices of proposed zone change” to property owners. Assuming the next draft includes the Eliot Land Use Committee’s proposed zone changes, most property owners in Eliot will receive such a notice.

None of the proposed zone changes will go into effect without Planning staff first evaluating comments from affected property owners and other interested parties (including neighborhood associations). The Planning and Sustainability Commission will have a hearing based on the draft Plan and comments received to date in late September. Additional revisions and outreach will follow that meeting through the spring of 2015.
Although Planning staff will have the final say on the proposed Plan, it will be subject to revision by City Council. That hearing is expected next spring (Spring 2015) as indicated on the schedule.

Final adoption is scheduled for later in 2015.

The Comp Plan process is required under state law. After City Council adopts the plan, it goes to the State for review and acceptance.

Like all bureaucratic processes, this schedule may change/slip.