Williams Construction Update

Williams Safety ProjectHere is a construction update from Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) regarding the Williams Traffic Safety Operations Project. Although the project has met several milestones, it will continue to be an active construction site for several weeks.

  • Weather permitting, all of the road striping and thermoplastic work should be finished by Saturday 11/8.
  • The permanent traffic signal at N Cook is scheduled to be completed by November 30. The permanent signal will allow PBOT to better coordinate signal timing for the corridor, which should enhance road capacity (and reduce backups).
  • You may have noticed that the shared left lane environment between Fremont and Skidmore did not have auto barriers at each intersection for several days last week. The contractor has now installed temporary barriers that will remain until the permanent barriers are installed.
    • Similarly, PBOT will be adding candlesticks or signage on N Williams at Stanton to reinforce that the left hand lane must turn left.
  • PBOT has received reports about cars and delivery trucks parking in the bike lane. A parking inspector is monitoring the situation. Please call 503-823-5195 to have an immediate response to a parking violation.
  • PBOT plans to add two road stencils to the bike lane:
    • One will direct bicyclists to pass (other bicyclists) on the right.
    • The other will remind bicyclists to yield to pedestrians (similar to the stencil at N Vancouver between Stanton and Graham)


Thank you again for your patience during construction.

Most of this information can also be found on the construction update page on the project web site: www.northwilliamssafety.org

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