Neighborhood Safety Block by Block

NeighborhoodWatchDo you have a Neighborhood Watch on your block?

More than 50 new Neighborhood Watch groups started in 2015. Mark Wells, Community Organizing Specialist with the Crime Prevention Program City of Portland, is  excited about next year and continuing to grow and strengthen our Watch groups throughout the city. With Wells’ help, Eliot neighborhood has three blocks which have organized themselves into a Neighborhood Watch and at least one other working on the process. Is your block one of these four? If not, consider  starting one today.

The Crime Prevention Program will finish a survey of all 500+ Watch groups and will provide all watch organizers with a list and map of the active watch groups in their neighborhood association boundary area. This is intended to help connect the organizers and dramatically increase the communication both within watch groups and with the Crime Prevention Program in general.

The city faces many complex and difficult challenges with some issues only continuing to worsen and grow.  But Officer Wells is confident citizens and the city can continue to work together to prevent and deter crime and keep our neighborhoods safe and vibrant through this and many other collaborations.

Officer Wells conducts Neighborhood Watch training all over the city. He says each one he conducts only reinforces his belief in this kind of collaboration between neighbors and the city. Look for information early next year for communication and networking efforts from the Crime Prevention Program and your neighbors who may be starting a watch on your block. Please contact Mark Wells if you have any questions or need any assistance with your Neighborhood Watch.

The online brochure tells all about the process.

Neighbors interested in organizing a Neighborhood or Apartment Watch should contact:

Mark Wells
Crime Prevention Coordinator