General Membership Agenda 2016-04-18


Eliot Neighborhood Association
General Membership Meeting
April 18, 2016
St Philips the Deacon
120 NE Knott St

1. Welcome and introductions 6:30
2. Approve minutes of March meeting. Please read online before this meeting.
3. Josh Alpers and/or Chad Stover of the Mayor’s office
a. Regarding homeless camp policy
b. Forgotten Realmupdate and Neighborhood agreements
4. Committee Reports
5. Eliot Neighborhood funds, priorities, historical income and spending
6. Proposal for Bylaws change of ARTICLE II
7. Adjourn 8:30 pm

Motion to change Article II to the following:
The purpose of the Eliot Neighborhood Association is to educate citizens and provide a forum for citizen
engagement around plans, issues and events that may influence their quality of life:
1. Concerning the creation and execution of plans by various entities including governmental, social,
and private around change, development and services within the neighborhood
2. To enhance and protect the aesthetic, cultural values and diversity of the neighborhood
3. To promote projects, programs, and social activities to improve the general wellbeing ,viability and
heart of the community.
ENA Bylaws Article II currently:
The primary purpose of ENA is to educate Eliot citizens about issues affecting the livability and quality of Eliot
through meetings, newsletters and other activities (1) that provide Eliot citizens with information concerning
formulation and execution of plans by various entities (governmental, social, and private); and (2) that provide a
means for input of the needs, desires and ideas of community members to various entities. The educational activities
of ENA will be in regard to the following goals:
a. To aid, assist, foster, and promote projects, programs, and other activities to combat community
deterioration, both independently and in coordination and cooperation with government and civic bodies.
b. To secure adequate housing, community facilities, and other related facilities, services, and conditions,
economic and otherwise that are conducive to the general welfare of the community.
c. To create avenues of communication between the members of Eliot and the public and private entities
serving the area.
d. To bring about maximum exposure of ideas and plans that are formulated for the Eliot area and to provide
opportunities for the members to influence them.
e. To check the deterioration of the neighborhood, and to encourage community pride by stimulating
involvement of everyone in Eliot in neighborhood improvement programs and projects.
f. To inform residents, businesses, and organizations in Eliot of the objective and programs of the associations
and to encourage participation in ENA efforts and activities.
g. To encourage, preserve, and enhance the aesthetic and cultural values and diversity of the neighborhood.
h. To encourage and assist groups and organizations within Eliot that strive to improve the general welfare of
the community.
i. To encourage educational and cultural opportunities for children and adults.
j. To create employment opportunities for the people living in Eliot.
k. To achieve a better environment, better physical accommodations, and an improved quality of urban life.

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