Purringtons Cat Lounge

Purrington Cat Lounge
Purrington Cat Lounge

Just beyond our borders, you can indulge your cat cravings at Purringtons Cat Lounge, the first in the Northwest. When it opened  it’s doors in January 2015, I was thrilled to be number 10 in line for opening day free lounge visit. The lounge area has cat and human furniture where you can interact directly with the cats, who are provided by Cat Adoption Team of Sherwood. The idea is that socialized cats make better pets, and meeting your prospective pet in this environment will help prospective adopters experience what it’s like to own a cat. According to Stephanie Tormey, an employee of the cat cafe, they’ve adopted out about 200 cats since opening.

Owner Kristen Castillo says they have always owned and loved cats. “When I saw a video of a cat cafe in Paris, I couldn’t help but imagine how well received this concept would be in this city.  And as far as the cafe part goes, we love that we can feature local beer, wine, cider, coffees and teas as well as house made food as a further offering to round out your experience with us.”

According to Castillo, “All is going well! Locals and visitors alike are very happy we exist! We have special events and educational  classes often so be sure to check our website and Facebook page for happenings that may be up your alley. We also offer the room at a discount for full hours if you have an event you’d like to plan. We’ve hosted wedding receptions, birthday parties, work meetings, etcetera.”

Purringtons is America’s first cat cafe to serve beer, cider, wine and house made food. The cafe is separate from the lounge where the cats are. You get your food and drink there, then if you wish go into the lounge with cats or observe them through the huge window above a long bar with stools. There is a limit of 15 people in the lounge with the cats so an appointment is advised, especially during the weekend which is their busiest time for visitors.

3529 NE Martin Luther King Jr
Open 12pm – 8PM Tues- Sun
Phone: 503-334-3570