General Membership Meeting Minutes 2016-10-17

minutesMeeting facilitated by Adam Lyons, NECN, due to both co-chairs being unable to attend this meeting.

Board members in attendance: Sue Stringer, Ronnie Blocker, Johnny Engleheart Noel, Jeri Bee, Jim Hlava, Joe Entler, Annie Rudwick, Clint Lundmark

Residents in attendance: Shireen Hasan, Alex Rice, Hillary Maurer, Lamar White, Kirsten Kibler

Meeting commenced at 6:35pm

Guests welcomed and introductions of board members and residents in attendance with ice breaker of “What do you like about Eliot?”

Old Business:

Dawson Park dog nuisance issue – Hillary Maurer, Portland Park and Rec Landscape, has put in a work order for a sign stating the dog leash ordinance.

Minutes were distributed. Jeri Bee motioned to accept the minutes and Johnny Engleheart Noel seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.

New Business:

Sewer improvement project:

Kristen Kibler, contracted by BES, presented sewer upgrade project. City of Portland Environmental Services has identified about 10 thousand linear feet to be replaced in the Eliot neighborhood. Most pipes are about 100 years old. Water line and utility work to be done as well on Rodney. Road will be closed but sidewalks will be open to bikes. Work is to be done south of Russell. Meeting with more information will be on Thursday, October 20 at St Philip the Deacon church at 6:00-7:30pm. Nightwork will be done on MLK but other streets will be worked on during the day. Contact Kristen Kibbler at, 503-235-5881 or Debbie Caselton of Bureau of Environmental Services at 503-823-2831 or for additional information. Whole project will take about 9 months. It will happen in phases. Curb extensions with Planters are also going to be installed in 8 sites on Brazee, Sacramento at 7th and MLK and Thompson at Williams. In the cases of non-conforming sewers those residents would need to get their own connection to the main sewer system and cost would be associated with that. All residents that have non-conforming sewer systems have been notified already. Debbie Caselton is the contact for this issue as well. Work around Tubman School will be done during the summer.

Commissioner Amanda Fritz presented on three ballot issues and campaign finance proposal:

  • 26-178 which is to renew the levy to manage green spaces
  • 26-179 to build affordable housing bond measure $258 million dollar request to build 1300 units of affordable housing owned by the city but to be run by a business who would be contracted by the city. It would cost $75 for the median priced home. Contact the Welcome Home Coalition for more information
  • 26-180 3% tax on recreational marijuana sales. State tax is 25% on recreational sales. Rate is going down to 17% in January. The state legislature is allowing a new city tax of 3% which is the maximum tax allowed. This will bring in an additional estimated 3 million dollars of tax revenue to the city. State was estimating 8 million dollars would be collected this year but by the summer they had collected 32 million and currently 40 million has been collected. The money collected will be used for 1) drug and alcohol treatment and education, 2) Public safety improvements, and 3) small business support for minority and women owned business and those impacted by cannabis prohibition. This would be a grant program to help prior convicted persons to pay to get their records expunged since marijuana is now legal.
  • Public campaign finance proposal by Fritz’s office to get rid of voter owned elections and proposing open and accountable campaign finance which would cut down the amount of time fundraising and more time going out to talk to constituents. This opens up for more diverse candidates and more involvement from all neighborhoods not just the affluent ones. It is matching system and is voluntary. Accept a maximum of $250 from a person (not a corporation, PAC or union) and the first $50 is matched 6 to 1. The campaign fund for matching funds is approximately 1 million dollars a year.

2016 Activities that our neighborhood association has participated in – overview read by Sue Stringer for Co-Chairs Pat Montgomery and Jere Fitterman:

  1. Newsletter published quarterly (Jan, April, July, October)
  2. Newsletter mailed to all residents and businesses in Eliot Neighborhood
  3. Newsletter advertising rates updated to match other newsletters in Portland. This covers publication costs
  4. Welcomed neighbors of Forgotten Realm
  5. Annual Clean Up in May
  6. Litter Pick Ups coordinated with Solve in March, May and October
  7. Intersection repainting event in July Tillamook and Rodney
  8. ENA table presence at Good in the Hood in June, Concerts in the Park in July
  9. Support of Meals on Wheels fundraiser Jambalaya in September
  10. ENA table presence at the Garlington Groundbreaking in September
  11. Website and Facebook maintenance
  12. announcements & sandwich boards announcing meetings added to communication. Sandwich boards announcing meetings.

Expectations for ENA Board Members – to be voted on at November board meeting but presented as a residents consider becoming a board member:

  1. Board members are working members. As a Board member you are expected to either be an officer or chair a committee, plus attend & work on at least two ENA events during the calendar year.
  2. Communicate attendance changes. As a Board member you are expected to attend and be on time. We will assume you aren’t coming 10 minutes after the meeting start time, unless informed otherwise.
  3. After 3 consecutive missed meetings, a member is no longer on the Board.
  4. One year terms for all Board members. Officers encouraged to hold office for 3 consecutive terms only.

Board of directors voted in unanimously:

  • Jere Fitterman
  • Patricia Montgomery
  • Johnny Engleheart Noel
  • Ronnie Blocker
  • Joan Ivan
  • Shireen Hassan
  • Sue Stringer
  • Jim Hlava
  • Joe Entler
  • Angela Kremer

Adam Lyons presented the draft of the NECN air pollution report and map which includes heavy metals and diesel. We had Uroboros emitting heavy metals but it has now closed. Also we have one of the worst diesel problems in the nation. Final copy will be on the NECN website in December.

Committee reports:


Sue Stringer said the deadline for article ideas and advertising sizes on December 1. Final articles and ad artwork deadline is December 8


Annie Rudwick reported we have $12,315. $5862 is our balance of livability fund which is from the Blazers. She will be stepping down as treasurer but will transition with the new treasurer and will continue to make deposits until we have a new treasurer.


Clint Lundmark reported that “The Box” at the Broadway, Wiedler, Vanouver and Williams area and proposal to change that area. One of the proposals is to remove the Flint overpass and flipping it 90 degrees at Hancock and go down to where the Portland Public School building is now. It is not final yet.

We received approval to flip the stop signs on Morris and Rodney. Now stop signs will be on Rodney and not on Morris.

7-10 story mixed use building proposed on Broadway and Wiedler. Parking below with a first floor auto sales showroom and bank with residential above. Questions from Johnny Engleheart about if we can do anything about the size of the structure. No, they are proposing within the zoning code guidelines.

Clint will no longer be a ENA board director so per the land use rules the Chair or Vice Chair should be on the ENA board and give reports monthly. Contact the LUTC Chair as to who will take this position on.


Jeri Bee reported she likes going to the meetings and meeting all the other neighborhood representatives. NECN has two officer vacancies – treasurer and parliamentarian.

Reminder to neighborhoods to share updates and joining sub committees of NECN.
Grant Park neighborhood has requested to move out of NECN and into CNN (Centeral Northeast Neighborhood coalition)

Jessica Rojas is the new Neighborhood Program Manager.

Funds from ONI have been received and budget spending is on target

Staff are anticipating launching a newsletter to let neighborhoods collaborate that don’t have a newsletter have an opportunity to be a part of one. It is to be mailed out to 16,000 households. Articles and events can be shared. Starting quarterly and then possibly switching monthly.

Question about engaging with residents and getting more to attend meetings. Attendance is down city wide at neighborhood association meetings. Newsletters are a good way to reach out to those who don’t have access to a computer.

Livability Committee:

  1. New committee members: Matt Morrissey, Karla Gostnell, Jody Guth, Lauren Mullen, Jere Fitterman
  2. Three litter Pickup events–March, May, October, Contact Karla Gostnell is
  3. Adopt-A-Block Resident program for litter pickup and gutter drain cleaning started and recruiting. Contact Lauren Mullen
  4. Adopt-A-Block Business Program to take responsibility for keeping the area around their property cleaned up, also started with plans to contact businesses during the winter. Solve is supporting both of these efforts with funds, supplies, website postings and administrative support. Recruiting a business owner to lead.

Planning a community inclusive big tree/DePave Diverter Project at Ivy & Rodney. Partners onboard are DePave, Friends of Trees, Tree Team, PBOT. Grants are being drafted. Contact Matt Morrissey is


Opportunity to work with Portland Park and Rec Landscaper in Irving Park to meet neighbors and improve landscape and learn new landscaping skills – date to be determined in about a month.

NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team): In Dec 2015, Boise, Eliot and Humboldt neighbors formed a Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness group to help residents prepare for earthquakes and other emergencies. All are welcome to join this group. Some of the group members are certified by the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) as Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) responders. Anyone can take this training, and you can sign up for the class waiting list.

Basic Preparedness training


Homeless camp:

Forgotten Realms – how long is that to be there? Shireen Hasan wanted to see if funds can be used to buy heaters or inexpensive sheds. Johnny Engleheart and Shireen Hasan will go over to the camp and see what they need as far as heaters or other things to get through the winter.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm


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  1. Although it is too late to change any votes, what Amanda failed to mention (at least per these notes), is that the marijuana tax may also be used for “transportation.” That is clearly stated in the ballot title. In light of the backlog of transportation projects the City faces, my guess is the temptation to use it for that purpose will overwhelm the intended purposes Amanda enumerated, and envisions.


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