Board Meeting Minutes 2017-01-16

minutesEliot Neighborhood Association ENA
Meeting Minutes
Jan 16, 2017
6:30-8:30 pm
St Philip Deacon Episcopal Church NE 120 Knott St 

Welcome 6:30 pm, approve minutes

  • Joe Entler proposed accepting minutes
  • Jim Halva seconded
  • Motion approved with changes to spelling and complete names.

New business: Otak presentation 829 N Russell St

  • “Micro Studios” of 280-330 sq.ft. w/ Common kitchens, plus retail space
  • Board welcomed the project as innovative and addressing the housing crisis close to transportation which will increase foot traffic for local businesses.

PPS bond issue presentation

  • Requested rescheduling due to weather
  • Discussion postponed until Feb.

Board member choice of committee or activity

  • Discussion: Committee descriptions and annual activities available for Board members.
  • Joe Entler volunteered to head information table at the Concerts.
  • Wes volunteered to report on LUTC.
  • All Board members will participate in the Annual Cleanup fundraiser.
  • Discuss will continue when absentees are present next month.

Communications, Sandwich board relocation, Nextdoor App announcement of meetings and events

  • Jere will ask Jennifer Gardner at New Seasons if she can place the sandwich board out on day of meetings.
  • Sus will place Nextdoor announcements

Adjourned 8 pm

Announcements & Comments

  • NA

Board Officers and Directors Present
Jere Fitterman Co-Chair
Pat Montgomery Co-Chair
Jim Hlava, Treasurer
Susan Stringer Newsletter Ed.
Joe Entler
Wes Ayers