Board Meeting Minutes 2018-01-15

Eliot Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
January 15, 2018
6:30 – 8:30 pm
St Philip Deacon Episcopal Church NE 120 Knott St

Meeting called to order 6:36pm

Guest Presentation: Ann Casper representing neighbors on Sacramento St. between NE 7th & MLK – Casper has been in discussion with city and Portland Water Bureau for one and a half years about proposed bioswales

  • Casper states that this block of NE Sacramento St. has approximately 300 units of apartments in addition to houses and that parking is an issue due to the number of residents and visitors
  • Three bioswales are proposed for this block; taking away about 10 parking spaces
  • Casper suggests that larger sewers could eliminate need for proposed bioswales
  • Signage on block about upcoming construction is only in English and there are many immigrant residents on this block; communication is not clear
  • Asking for data from Water Bureau about rainfall, cost of bioswales, cost of maintenance, and questions about how often maintenance would happen
  • Casper has had difficulty talking to city council and getting data about bioswales project
  • Concerned for safety walking many blocks because of parking and across 7th with no crosswalk

* Motion to pursue speaking to the city about parking issues and asking for data about rainfall in neighborhood (letter or in-person) – Jere Fitterman ; Maggie Gardner seconds; unanimously approved

Committee reports: Land Use and Transportation Committee (LUTC) – slate of officers presented for board approval
Jim Hlava and Pat Montgomery mention that we are not in clear communication with LUTC committee and need to be kept in the loop about LUTC plans/decisions. Brad Baker volunteers as board liaison to report back on LUTC communication and approvals.

* Motion to accept slate of LUTC committee and instate Brad Baker as ENA board liaison for future LUTC meetings – Jere Fitterman; Sue Stringer seconds; unanimously agreed

* Motion to accept November 2017 minutes with changes – Sue Stringer; Brad Baker seconds; unanimously agreed

Discussion: Goals & Objectives for 2018

  • Board reviews ENA Mission statement
  • Treasurer’s Report: Jim Hlava treasurer’s update on amount in treasury and suggested budget for 2018 based on 2017 spending; board to look over budget and discuss suggestions/changes at February meeting; discussion about usage of Blazers funds; discussion about definition of livability and how it relates to ENA board goals in 2018
  • Board goals and action items for 2018: board and attendees made large list of proposed projects and goals for the year, voted on which projects to move forward (individuals volunteering to lead and support specific projects); those choosing to lead projects will budget and make action plan to present at February meeting


No More Freeways campaign event: Tuesday, January 16th on Flint Avenue Bridge; free coffee and donuts; gathering to spread information about ODOT’s proposed $450 million freeway expansion project in Eliot neighborhood

Meeting adjourned 8:41pm

Guests/Residents present: Karla Gostnell (Livability committee), Jonathan Konkel (LUTC committee), Ann Casper, Bob West, Johnny Engleheart

Board Members present: Anna Daggett, Brad Baker, Jere Fitterman, Jim Hlava, Jimmy Wilson, Maggie Gardner, Monica Choy Salazar, Patricia Montgomery, Sue Stringer

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