Exploring Parking Solutions in Southern Section of Eliot

Parking permit sign in NW Portland for zone M
Parking permit sign in NW Portland

If you’ve tried to park your car in the southern part of Eliot, you’ve probably noticed that it can be really tough. Whether you’re competing with commuters parking in our neighborhood and taking the streetcar to downtown or Trail Blazers fans using our streets as a parking lot, it can be tough for residents to get a spot. With all the new housing being built and even more planned for the near future, the parking problem is likely only going to get worse.

To try and address the parking problem, we’re exploring the idea of introducing an area parking permit. The basic idea is that residents and local businesses will receive permits and guest passes allowing them to park anywhere in the area. Folks who don’t live or work in the neighborhood can park for free for a limited number of hours, but can’t use our neighborhood for their parking lot for the whole day or night.

We’re in the very early stages of the project, so stay tuned for ways you can help out and give guidance.