Canvasing for Parking Permits in Southern Eliot

Map showing proposed parking permit area in southern Eliot
Proposed parking permit area in southern Eliot

Starting Thursday, July 21st the Eliot Neighborhood Association will be canvasing portions of southern Eliot for to see if there is interest in forming an area parking permit district. The area we’ll be canvassing will be from NE Hancock to NE Sacramento between N Williams and NE MLK.  If interested you can sign a petition to ask the Portland Bureau of Transportation to start the process of forming a parking district.

The goal of creating a parking permit district is to make it easier for residents to be able to park in the neighborhood. Residents and businesses in the area and would be able to buy permits allowing them to use on-street parking in the area.

If you live in the area and are interested in signing the petition to make help start the process of forming a parking permit district email me at to set up time for me to swing by for you to sign.

Here are some FAQs on the parking district:

Cost of parking permit?

An annual permit costs $60 a year per vehicle to be able to park on-street. If you have a driveway, you (and guests) can park in the driveway for free.

What about guests?

We’ll determine the exact details with PBOT, but in other neighborhoods with permits, daily guest parking permits cost $1 per day and are scratch offs that you’ll give to your guests.

How long can visitors park for?

This is undetermined as of now. We’ll have a meeting with PBOT to discuss the optimal amount of time weighing making it easier for residents to park and for visitors to be able to enjoy the area.

How do you get the permit?

There’s a form you’ll mail in to PBOT and they’ll send you annual passes and guest passes.

Who can get permits?

Residents and businesses in the area.

Is there a maximum number of permits available per household?

There is not. A household may buy as many permits as they want.

If enough people sign on to the petition, what would happen next?

We’ll have a neighborhood meeting with PBOT. Then PBOT will send out voting ballots. For the parking permit district to go into effect, 50% of the ballots have to be returned and the returned ballots have to be at least 60% in favor.

Note: signing on to the petition isn’t approving the permit program, but approving a vote.

Do I have to have a car to sign the petition? Do I have to buy a permit if I sign the petition?

No and no. If you are a resident you are deciding if you’d like to have this policy in effect in the neighborhood. You are not committing to anything.

How many street parking spots are there in the parking permit area?

We estimate that there about 375 street parking spots in the permit area.

Estimate: The permit area is 10,000 linear feet of curb. Assuming that a quarter of the curb length are curb cuts or unparkable, that leaves 7,500 feet of curb space. A parking spot is 20 feet long, so there are 7500/20 = 375 street parking spots in the affected area.

Are there upcoming housing developments in the area that may impact parking?

Yes. Here are the planned or in progress projects in the area. There are currently 231 addresses in the proposed permit area.

  • 160 units at 1931 N Williams
  • 61 units (4 stories) at Williams and Tillamook
  • 16 units on Tillamook between Williams and Rodney
  • 54 units at 2405 N Vancouver
  • 5 or 9 story building at 2nd and Schuyler (maybe 30 units?)
  • Potential car dealership + housing at 1st and Broadway (unknown # of units)

That’s roughly 300 units coming online in the area. If a third of the units have a resident that will use street parking in the area, that’s 100 more cars needing parking spots.

How was this area determined for the area parking permits?

Neighbors indicated that parking in this area is difficult. PBOT also found that showed this area had a parking problem. Responses from a newspaper survey showed the highest support here.

What if we don’t want a parking permit district in the future?

We can go through a similar process in the future to remove or alter the parking district.

I heard in NW they had a different parking program that allowed folks to get discount transit passes. Can we get that?

Potentially. PBOT is testing out new parking programs and we may be able to use them at some point in the future. They are testing things like limiting the number of permits and raising the permit rate to subsidize low income parking passes and transit passes.


3 thoughts on “Canvasing for Parking Permits in Southern Eliot

  1. Ugh. Residents who live just outside this proposal should take note. Almost certainly this will shift the parking patterns to another part of the neighborhood. In essence this will move the parking problems to your street. Is the estimate for new cars from new residents needing parking accurate? Only 1/3 of the units (not residents) will need parking? Regardless, those new neighbors may be eligible to get a parking permit or more accurately as many parking permits as they have vehicles. If so, the parking permit program may not solve the parking issues caused by increased density and rapid growth. Here are some things that minimize parking issues and don’t shift the problem to other neighbors: driveways, sufficiently sized parking garages in new developments, encouraging residents to use their driveway/garage, and reducing cars in general. It is also worth questioning how this will impact our beloved businesses – not their employees, but their customers. How does it impact Russell Street BBQ, Toro Bravo, Izakaya Kichinto, Ex Novo, Bunk Bar, Queen of Sheba and others? Finally everyone should consider their own burden. One permit per license plate – no sharing among multiple cars. Get a new car, pay a fee to update the permit. Having a backyard BBQ or a birthday party for your kids – where do your multiple guests park? How about guests that stay a few days?


    1. Hello I’d like to sign the petition but unsure as to how. The link above doesn’t allow. Unfortunately, I can’t make the meeting tonight as well.

      Best Regards,
      233 Ne Tillamook st


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