LUTC Meeting Minutes 2019-12-09


submitted by Allan Rudwick

In attendance: Jonathan, Phil, Brad, Monique, Zac, Allan
Public: Betsy Reese and her husband
Nan Stark, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Bryson Davis, Co-Chair, Russell and Williams Project
Presenter: Jessamyn Griffin, Works Progress Architecture and 3 others, representing 1835 N Flint Ave development proposal
Legacy Lots rezoning discussion
– Allan has been pushing to rezone more than just the Hill block. Trying to get more information on how to move forward
– Bryson gave an update on how their committee has been going.
— looking at many different ownership models, not settled on any
— looking at different uses for the site, not settled yet
— looking at different financing options, developers. not settled yet
– Nan gave an update on her re-zoning project.
— Main focus is adding housing at church and other properties around the city
– Conversation was long but in general, Russell and Williams project won’t couple their fates to our effort (we weren’t asking), but we could be a benefit to them if more land were available. They are going to do good, more land would help them do even better.
– Next steps, Allan to contact the city, Legacy, John Cole from Planning.
Building proposal at N Hancock and Flint
– 130 units
– 201 bike parking
– 28 car parking (mostly triple stacks)
– building looks exciting, it will be a landmark for the neighborhood
– jagged cementitious material will make it stand out relative to other buildings, but we are talking about a spot that hasn’t had anything going on for a while. Roughly 2 blocks from N Broadway on Flint.
Approved Minutes from November (unanimous)
Design walk scheduled for Saturday 10am. All planning to attend.