LUTC Meeting Minutes 2020-01-13


submitted by Allan Rudwick

In attendance: Brad, Zac, Allan
Kate Drennan, Portland Bureau of Transporation
Long talk about Streetcar
-2 lines being considered
 – 1st half in NW Portland to Montgomery Park building. Lots of development potential if major rezone happens
 – 2nd half connects to Hollywood. 3 options proposed.
  (a) along Broadway is closest to Eliot,
  (b) along Sandy/Burnside (spur at existing streetcar),
  (c) is kind of in between on Irving/Lloyd Blvd trying to catch many re-developable lots along its route
No clue if/when this would happen but a study is upcoming. Possible Charette in the future.
Car dealer Parking lot  – no update
Safer 7th – no update
Approved sending the (bland) letter of support for the Residential Infill Plan (3-0)
Approved Minutes from December (3-0)